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Your actions are destroying your energy!

September 2, 2010 4 comments

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Learn where your energy comes from!

Your actions are destroying your energy.  Watch this short video to learn a cool new discovery about energy, and ho

Lightning over the outskirts of Oradea, Romani...

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w your thoughts and actions are draining your energy from you.  After the video you can read more info about your energy if you want to.

I apologize that the audio is a little off, having some microphone issues.

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How to wake up on the wrong side of the bed

August 2, 2010 3 comments

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Waking up happy, the right side of the bed

“I’m not a morning person”  Have you ever made this statement?  Have you ever felt this way.  Alarm clocks and early mornings are not something that most people dream of creating in their lives.  According to CBS more than 50% of Americans drink 3-4 cups of coffee a day.  We have decided we need substances to make us awake and happy.  We don’t seem to have learned how to wake up on the right side of the bed.

How often do you wake up happy?

How often do you wake up full of energy, ready to produce, happy, healthy and free?  How often do you roll out of bed,

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what do you have faith in?

July 30, 2009 1 comment

The Head Ache

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labeling and owning pain

For a long time I have believed in faith. Faith is a power of God and it is a law of God. What you believe in comes true.

So, do you believe that you will get sick? Do you have faith that you will get sick?

Along these lines I have tried for a while to not “own” sickness or disease. When I am not feeling well I try to avoid saying “I am sick” or I am not feeling well. Instead I say “I am healthy.” This is not always easy to do but the truth of the matter goes into who is “I.” “I” is my spiritual self, the part that God created, the part that lives forever. “I” does not get sick. “I” lives forever. “I” can not feel pain etc. it is the body that does these things.

So today my body was experiencing a headache. I have written previously about judging. I judged my head as in pain. I think started to think about this judgment. I am telling myself that I hurt. Its the same as telling yourself that you are stupid or that something is wrong with you.

Perhaps you really are stupid, perhaps your head really does hurt. These are not the point of this thought.

The point is that when you decide to “own” the pain, or you decide to “own” the disease. When you say “I have XYZ.” Then you accept it as truth and you have faith that you are sick. Faith creates what it believes.

However, the truth is you do not own this disease because You, Or I or your spirit is who is really alive and talking and your spirit can not get sick.

So I was thinking about judgment and about not judging life in general but just observing life. I decided that it makes since to not judge pain or sickness but to just observe pain or sickness.

I decided to just observe that my body was feeling a headache and observed that it was not attached or related to me at all but it just was.

It was not something to be upset about or to pout about or something that should make me behave differently, but it is just something that should be observed.

I noticed that the headache lessened and the part that was there did not matter any more because it could not hurt “I” and it was not part of me.

I have been trying to not have faith in being sick for sometime but it is very hard to do because we see it all around us. I think my new focus will be on just observing but not attaching to and not judging the physical aliment.

What does all this mean? Who knows, but it feels true to me and that’s what matters.

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