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How to wake up on the wrong side of the bed

August 2, 2010 3 comments

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Waking up happy, the right side of the bed

“I’m not a morning person”  Have you ever made this statement?  Have you ever felt this way.  Alarm clocks and early mornings are not something that most people dream of creating in their lives.  According to CBS more than 50% of Americans drink 3-4 cups of coffee a day.  We have decided we need substances to make us awake and happy.  We don’t seem to have learned how to wake up on the right side of the bed.

How often do you wake up happy?

How often do you wake up full of energy, ready to produce, happy, healthy and free?  How often do you roll out of bed,

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Freedom is, only if You choose

July 10, 2010 1 comment

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You already know that you want to be free, but do you understand what that means to you?

A big part of freedom is being able to be yourself, to be free, and to live life on your terms.  Most people live life on the terms of “what will others think if I do this.”

The way’s we live life are almost 100% based on our programing.  What is programing?  Well that is all the things you have learned you must do.  Where you learned it is not important in this post, but what is important is that now you are living your life this way.

Are you living your life the way you want to be living your life?  Probably not.  Read more…

Is Your Focus Causing Your Failure? Personal Freedom by Overcoming Obstacles

July 1, 2010 6 comments

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Want Freedom or Success? Well What You See Is What You Get.

This concept is so centralized to what I teach.  We all view and live life according to our perspective.  The problem with this is that many of our perspectives are causing our failure.  Many of our perspectives are robbing us of our personal freedom, success, and relationships.  Many of our perspectives keep us from always developing!

Below is why, and it can change your life!

You are looking for obstacles instead of seeing harmony.

obstacles and personal freedom

Me training on obstacle course; obstacles and personal freedom

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You’re too fat and complain too much to be happy.

June 7, 2010 12 comments

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The success you enjoy in your life is closely linked to your “self talk.”

No matter what you want to succeed in… Loosing weight, becoming a billionaire, saving the world, starting your own business!

This is why you’re fat, or have other issues that you judge yourself for…  Negative self talk!  It creates the problems in your life that you don’t want the most.  In fact, there are many documented cases where people changed their belief of themselves and lost weight or became successful.  Check this out.

It is almost impossible to succeed higher than your belief system.  It is also almost impossible to keep or

Negative self talk keeps you from succeed

Negative self talk will keep you from succeeding, this is where it got me

sustain a level of success, happiness, or freedom greater than your “self talk.” This blog will show you an amazing video example of a little girl’s self talk. I would not tell you it was amazing, unless it really was, but before we watch it, I have a question…

What is “self talk?”  Well it is the voice in your head that you hear all day long.  It is usually associated with negative beliefs or limiting beliefs.  Some examples of negative self talk.

  • you’re too fat
  • your too ugly
  • your not smart
  • its just my luck
  • nothing good happens
  • it will probably go wrong

etc etc etc…  There are thousands of negative things that people say to themselves daily.  No wonder we are not achieving what we desire.  No wonder we are unhappy and depressed.  No wonder our relationships suck! We tell ourselves this all the time.  So  how do you fix this???

Well here is a cute example.  Its time for some positive self talk in your life.  Full concentrate cup of awesome self talk to begin your day with.  some people might call this affirmations.  Some might call it crazy.  I call it an awesome way to create an awesome day so that you are Always Developing.  Check this out. Read more…

You Can’t Overcome Problems If You Are Playing Life Like a Soccer Goalie.

May 31, 2010 10 comments

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    Most people approach life as if they are a soccer goalie.  Do you?

    self development, live a free life, dont fight problems like a goalie

    Do you live your life like a soccer goalie, or is the whole world free for you to engage?

    Their judgments and perceptions are strikingly similar to the way a goalie is trained to perform.  If you do this, then it SERIOUSLY impacts your happiness and success. Goal tending life, although safe, will stunt your self development and self esteem.  It will also absolutely affect the amount of money you can make. So how does a Goalie live life?  Well read on…..

    Goalies defend and guard.  They prepare for upcoming troubles.  They look for and anticipate difficulties coming their way, and then they prepare to fight against these difficulties. Goalies never overcome their problems, they just fight and defend against them. Read more…

50 Impossible Things That Can’t Be Solved

May 28, 2010 9 comments

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    These are things that can not be solved, they ARE impossible, so don’t even try, cause YOU CAN’T do it.  Its impossible.
    In fact, just understand that there is absolutely nothing you can do about solving these things.

    50 Impossible things according to other people I queried.

  1. Finishing tasks
  2. Pleasing everybody
  3. Curing Aids
  4. Human Flight without another object
  5. The Texas bar exam
  6. World hunger
  7. Selfishness in other people
  8. Getting along with my wife
  9. Getting along with my husband
  10. Greed Read more…

How To Make The Impossible Possible

May 28, 2010 7 comments

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How To Make The Impossible Possible

If the impossible became possible would you do it?  If the impossible was actually impossible, but in trying to create the impossible it would change the entire would, would you try? With unlimited resources, and unlimited time is there really anything that you could not create, that you could not solve, that you could not perfect?

The human race has proven, over and over again, we can do what is not believed. We can create what can not be done.  We will achieve the impossible.

What is impossible in your life, in your city, in your world?  Imagine you found a magic wand and could do anything you ever dreamed to create your perfect world, your Heaven on Earth, to do what you used to think was impossible.  What would you create?   Would you even pick the wand up, or would you just assume that it did not work?

Small pox, Polio, The Berlin wall, impossible! 4 min mile, building the pyramids, splitting an atom, impossible, the speed of sound, landing on the moon, approaching peace in the middle east impossible! Read more…

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