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How to wake up on the wrong side of the bed

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Waking up happy, the right side of the bed

“I’m not a morning person”  Have you ever made this statement?  Have you ever felt this way.  Alarm clocks and early mornings are not something that most people dream of creating in their lives.  According to CBS more than 50% of Americans drink 3-4 cups of coffee a day.  We have decided we need substances to make us awake and happy.  We don’t seem to have learned how to wake up on the right side of the bed.

How often do you wake up happy?

How often do you wake up full of energy, ready to produce, happy, healthy and free?  How often do you roll out of bed,

stumble around with your first few steps and feel groggy and grumpy in your head?  There is a key to waking up and feeling ready to go, and there is a key to waking up and feeling like a dead log.  I would tell you the key already, but its so simple that you might over look it.  So I’ll keep on talking.

Who’s controlling your body

Most of us believe, to some degree, that we can’t do anything about the way we wake up.  Most of us believe that we are not in charge of how we sleep, or the happiness we feel upon waking.  Most of us think that someone else, or something else is in control.  This is false.  This is a lie that we tell ourselves to keep from taking responsibility for our lives.  You are in control.  You have the ability to decide how you sleep, how you wake up, and what you accomplish.  So are you ready to start doing that?  For more information on an article I wrote who’s controlling your body click here.

And, for an article about someone stealing your control, check this one out.

So, how to wake up and be happy and productive

The first thing that you must understand is that this is your responsibility.  It is your job to create happiness and freedom in your life.  No amount of coffee, T.V. cartoons, newspapers, or fruit loops will create happiness in your life.  So, take responsibility.  Now the second step is even easier.  It is the real key.  Once you know that you are in charge.  Once you understand that you create your own happiness.  Once you see that you can be and do whatever you want then you are ready for the second step.  So what is the second step?  Well Like I said before, its so very simple, but I know it works, because I use it myself.  And I’ll even promise you 100% money back guarantee for 3 months if you try it and it does not work.

The second step must be done immediately upon waking up.  As soon as you realize you are awake and conscious do the second step.  Tell yourself what your day will be like.  Tell yourself that you are happy to be awake.   Tell yourself that you love all you will accomplish today.  Have a positive attitude.  You see, our entire daily course is set by the first few thoughts we have upon waking.  Most of the time peoples thoughts are…

  • Is it morning already?
  • Do I really have to get up?
  • I don’t want to work today!
  • I did not sleep well.
  • I want more sleep.
  • I hate my job.
  • I hate my alarm clock.
  • I’m not happy.
  • bla bla bla bla bla.

You are killing your happiness, because you are telling yourself (the one in control) to be unhappy.  How can you have a great day, when you wake up every morning and tell yourself how bad the day will be.

I know this first step is super simple, but with groggy eyes it might seem more difficult, so you should practice now, what you will say when you wake up tomorrow.  It does not have to be long, or difficult, just something simple like, wow, I’m blessed!  Or I slept amazing.  Or I love life, or I’m excited about all I will accomplish today.

Just pick a sentence, and go with it.  Rehearse it so that groggy eyes will be able to remember it first thing.

Got it?  Now share your sentences below so others can wake up and produce the life they want as well.

P.S. Want to know an advanced trick to make this really work? Be careful with this one, It might create what you ask for.  When you say your morning power sentence, really FEEL what you are saying so that it sinks into your core. Warning!  Be careful using this advanced trick.  It really works.

P.P.S. This article was created using this technique this morning!

P.P.P.S Want more energy?  Here you go, how to create energy in your life click here

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  1. August 2, 2010 at 11:37 am

    From Chris Travers
    Great post. I’d also add that it’s often a matter of not really identifying what the problems are. Often times, conditioning oneself to go to sleep earlier for example, is often very helpful.

    My attention deficit disorder gets far worse wh…en I have to get up in the early morning frequently. That’s the way it is. It’ s not something that makes me unhappy. It just makes me avoid early mornings to the extent I can. My brain just works better when I get to sleep later and get up later.

    Nevertheless, I successfully worked odd hours and early hours for several years using caffeine to address this specific problem (I respond well to caffeine though not all ADD sufferers do). Was I unhappy? No. I was just a bit more disorganized.

    One thing I learned is that it’s important to generally appreciate the moments. One might be driving to work at 5am and notice a beautiful sunrise. Or get to work before sunrise, realize one forgot one’s cardkey and while waiting for security to open the door, pause and admire the rising of the planet Venus as the morning star.

  2. August 2, 2010 at 12:48 pm

    I totally agree even through I had not considered it in that way. I think the key is those first few thoughts of the day.

    Thanks for making me think about “HOW to wake up” each morning.

  1. August 2, 2010 at 10:37 pm

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