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Is Your Focus Causing Your Failure? Personal Freedom by Overcoming Obstacles

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Want Freedom or Success? Well What You See Is What You Get.

This concept is so centralized to what I teach.  We all view and live life according to our perspective.  The problem with this is that many of our perspectives are causing our failure.  Many of our perspectives are robbing us of our personal freedom, success, and relationships.  Many of our perspectives keep us from always developing!

Below is why, and it can change your life!

You are looking for obstacles instead of seeing harmony.

obstacles and personal freedom

Me training on obstacle course; obstacles and personal freedom

I have trained on obstacle courses many times.  Obstacle courses have 2 parts.  Part one is the challenge.  Part 2 is an open space or area between the challenges.

Day to day we encounter life.  (We actually create life, but that’s another topic so for now we encounter it.)  When most people look at their life they see life cluttered with challenges, obstacles, difficulties, tryals, problems, reasons why… These things are mixed in with good things, things we enjoy, and  people we enjoy, however most of the time we don’t notice the space between the obstacles.

There is actually more space between obstacles than there is obstacles.  The difference is peace.  Your success, your failure is not because of the obstacle in your path.  Your success,  your freedom, your failure is compleatly based on what you are focused on.  Are you focused on how difficult the obstacle will be, or the peaceful open space all around you. Imagine being in a room full of chairs (obstacles).  First picture all the chairs, and how hard it will be to get through the chairs.

Now, picture the path between the chairs.  Focus on this path.  Focus on this path so closley that you can’t see the chairs.  As you zoom in on the path the chairs compleatly dissapear.  How peaceful is your room when the obsticals are gone?

How peaceful is it when your obstacles don’t exist any more.

So QUESTION.  Are you focusing on your obstacles?  We all do it at times, however to what degree are you doing it.  If you were to rate, from 1 to 10, how often you focus on your obstacles how would you rate yourself. 

So how does this help in creating personal freedom and self development?

Law of attraction – Faith – As a man thinketh – perspective:  All ideas that deal with what you create in your life.

Stress, worry, doubt, failure, low self esteem are all created by looking at your obstacles.  Obstacles happen.  They happen to everyone.  Some people don’t see them as obstacles.  Some people see them as impossible to overcome, but when you learn to see the space around the obstacle then you can experience pure inner freedom, even in the face of extreme challenges.

So my big question for you.

Are you focusing on your obstacles or are you focusing on all the peace, love, and freedom constantly surrounding you.

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    Excellent information! Thank you Justin, for investing your time to print information that others can use to propel themselves forward! I see (and visualize) it paying off one thousand fold for you.

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