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You Can’t Overcome Problems If You Are Playing Life Like a Soccer Goalie.

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    Most people approach life as if they are a soccer goalie.  Do you?

    self development, live a free life, dont fight problems like a goalie

    Do you live your life like a soccer goalie, or is the whole world free for you to engage?

    Their judgments and perceptions are strikingly similar to the way a goalie is trained to perform.  If you do this, then it SERIOUSLY impacts your happiness and success. Goal tending life, although safe, will stunt your self development and self esteem.  It will also absolutely affect the amount of money you can make. So how does a Goalie live life?  Well read on…..

    Goalies defend and guard.  They prepare for upcoming troubles.  They look for and anticipate difficulties coming their way, and then they prepare to fight against these difficulties. Goalies never overcome their problems, they just fight and defend against them.

    Why do I say that they don’t overcome their problems?  Well, at the moment they catch or block the ball they do one thing.  They kick the ball back onto the field, giving the ball back to the opposing team so that they have to once again prepare to defend themselves.  In essence, goalies prepare to fight against their problems. I learned something that I call “The Law Fighting.”  When you fight against something that thing becomes stronger.

    There are several ways this applies to almost everyone’s life.  Can you think of any ways it applies to you?

    Quickly make a list of the troubles you will probably encounter this week? What troubles do you encounter over and over and over again?  What ways do you brace yourself waiting for the trouble to strike?  Do you defend and fight against the troubles, or do you overcome them?  Do the same troubles keep popping up in your life, over and over?

    Most of us look at life as if it is full of troubles.  I believe that there are 2 basic ways to see life. Way one I would describe as life is difficult but has fun times. Way two I would describe Gratitude(if you need some things to be grateful for click here for over 300 of them)

    ***HINT — if you complain about issues in your life, then this just might apply to you***

    Fundamentally there is a flaw in fighting or defending your life from troubles.  This flaw is rooted in the way life is judged.  If you believe any of the blow listed ideas then that is a place to start.

  • Life is difficult
  • Troubles happen
  • Nothing good happens to me
  • I have bad luck
  • Murphy’s law
  • If it can go wrong it will
  • People are not trust worthy
  • Judging things as bad
  • Happy ever after does not exist
  • Life sucks
  • You gotta watch your back
  • Love stinks
    These concepts are just a few of the ways you can self analyze your life to see if you are playing as a Goalie.

    So why do people Goal Tend instead of running the field?

    The 1st reason…

    When we are young we are taught that taking risks is dangerous.  We are taught to “be careful.”  We are taught that standing on the side lines is much safer than being in the middle of the game.  These are “PHYSICAL” survival theories, however what I believe happens is we transfer this physical sense of survival into a mental survival.  It becomes safer to complain and fight against our troubles than to step out of the goal box and overcome, chance perspective, or  release.

    The 2nd reason….

    Judgment of events as bad.  This is a big one and It took me many years to realize this, and even after learning it I needed years to develop what it really means.  I will soon be writing an article called “Investing in Problems.” This article will teach an amazing way propel your life forward.  At least it did for me.

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    We are taught to judge things as bad, wrong, or “happening to us”, instead of happening around us. This judgment causes you to live life from a distance, to fight against your problems, or to be a goalie.

    So I’m a goalie, what do I do now Justin?  Well you are in luck!  I have several awesome and powerful ways to help you over come this, and here is one of the most powerful, FREE OF CHARGE. 🙂

    Gratitude, it will change your life,  it will help you grow in ways you can not imagine until you try it, and it’s so simple.  In fact it may be too simple.  It may be so simple that you won’t even do it.

    If Gratitude is too easy than you can do 50 push-ups first, and then have gratitude.  However if you want to know how gratitude moves  you out of the goalie box, and into a successful and winning life keep reading.

    Here is the basics, as gratitude relates to problems.

    Have you ever had a problem that made you a stronger person? Of course you have!  Have you ever grown from a problem?  If you never had any problems in your life, what would you be like today?  Would you be better or worse equipped to live your life?


    A quick video on overcoming problems can be found here.

    Earlier I asked you to make a quick list of the problems that you will have this week.  From each problem on this list find one thing that you can be grateful for about that problem.  So if your problem is a boss that is picky, what can you be grateful for about your boss?

    Can you find more than one thing to have gratitude for  in each problem?   (the more the merrier. **pun intended**)

    I know this seams way to simple, but it really works.  If  you do this consistently you will notice your problems start to just disappear. They really do.  You don’t believe me?  Well you have 2 choices.  You can try it or you can keep being a goalie.  Up to you.

gratitude will let you sore and create amazing self development  and success

gratitude will let you sore and create amazing self development and success

    Gratitude makes problems disappear.  It also makes life happier, and guess what… It makes you more successful.
    People like to reward people that are grateful.  God likes to reward people that are grateful.  Your subconscious
    mind likes to reward you when you are grateful.  Gratitude creates success.  It keeps you from fighting your
    problems.  It helps you to release and overcome your problems and it gets you onto the playing field of life.
    So lets go play, cause we are free.If your problems seem impossible, you are not alone, others feel the same way.  Check  out what other people think is impossible here

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Any comments?

  1. June 4, 2010 at 2:26 am

    i love the style of this post and how you used metaphors to make your points clear, keep it up Justin 🙂

    • June 4, 2010 at 7:23 am

      With much gratitude I thank you! I just had a moment to review your site and love it! Would you have some free time that we could skype and get to know each other?


  2. June 4, 2010 at 8:16 am

    Hi Justin, the goalie metaphor is a good one,it’s unfortunate that somebody has to stay in goal and be the on the defensive! i agree totally with the problem attitude thing, without problems our minds can’t grow,don’t become engaged and will threfore go straight into defensive attitudes which lead to negative states of mind – like murphy’s law etc.
    We have to be grateful that we have proplems to deal with, it means that we are growing and learning.That’s why I like to perceive problems as “obstacles” rather than negatives situations.
    When I want something,I encounter obstacles,these are simply new,unknown situations on a path untrodden towards something new. I must come out of the defensive to meet them and overcome them . Great posts,thanks. hope to hear from you again soon, Sean

    • June 4, 2010 at 8:32 am

      Awesome! so true. Our perception of problems is a big influence on how strong the problems are in our lives. I believe that there is no such thing as problems. Weight lifters don’t think of gravity as a problem, they think of it as a tool for success. This is how our problems can be as well. Thank you for the awesome reply! Much appreciated. JC

  3. June 8, 2010 at 11:09 pm


    This is a great post. To develop a framework for gratitude is a ministry or mission of great importance. This framework can change your entire life. As we’ve often discussed, the ability to be grateful positions the mind to focus exclusively on one’s blessings. From a state of being blessed, the world doesn’t seem such a daunting place. From your coaching perspective, focus on tools such as the gratitude framework that will allow anyone to achieve their ultimate world (their Heaven on Earth). Great work! Keep it up!


    • June 8, 2010 at 11:25 pm

      Todd, you are so awesome, that’s why I love our daily souring calls. Thank you for the comment.


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    June 11, 2010 at 9:29 am

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  5. August 21, 2010 at 11:01 pm

    I needed some info and was searching on Yahoo for it. I visited each of the first five pages that came up but didn’t get any relevant result… I then luckily found your diamond forum in the dirt and thought to check it out. This is what I wanted!

    Cheers guys at alwaysdeveloping.wordpress.com and keep this brilliant effort up.

  6. October 4, 2010 at 1:32 am

    t’s such a great site. fabulous, acutely fascinating!!!

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