50 Impossible Things That Can’t Be Solved

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    These are things that can not be solved, they ARE impossible, so don’t even try, cause YOU CAN’T do it.  Its impossible.
    In fact, just understand that there is absolutely nothing you can do about solving these things.

    50 Impossible things according to other people I queried.

  1. Finishing tasks
  2. Pleasing everybody
  3. Curing Aids
  4. Human Flight without another object
  5. The Texas bar exam
  6. World hunger
  7. Selfishness in other people
  8. Getting along with my wife
  9. Getting along with my husband
  10. Greed
  11. Being happy with what you have
  12. Finding a good man
  13. Defying gravity
  14. Make the world eco friendly
  15. Ending crime
  16. Winning war on drugs
  17. Curing cancer
  18. Becoming rich
  19. Being successful
  20. Being debt free
  21. Loving myself
  22. World peace
  23. Stopping smoking
  24. Getting along with my parents
  25. Freedom
  26. Living forever
  27. “Free” health care
  28. Enjoying work
  29. Not fighting
  30. Being perfect
  31. Fairness
  32. Surviving
  33. Loving again
  34. To not be ridiculed
  35. Living within means
  36. To be happy
  37. Run a marathon
  38. Get out of bed
  39. Love for everyone
  40. Being satisfied
  41. Not being judged
  42. To Stop eating
  43. Know if there is an afterlife
  44. Know where space ends
  45. Perfect health
  46. Forgiveness
  47. Overcoming guilt
  48. Happy ever after
  49. The perfect job
  50. Getting along with everyone

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