Heaven on Earth Impossibility, or Possiblity?

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What is Heaven on Earth?

Looking at impossibility and experiencing possibility.

Project Heaven on Earth is a group created and started by my friend Martin Rutte.  Martin is dedicated to show people how to create the POSSIBLE, to creating Heaven on Earth.

Martin and I recently had an amazing opportunity to speak together in Texas and talk about creating your life vision, how to succeed, and how to Co-Create Heaven on Earth.  This was an amazing experience for both of us.  Martin has the ability to inspiring you to discover what Heaven is to you, and then show you easy ways to create that Heaven in you life.  Coming soon…a video of us speaking… until then keep reading.

Heaven on earth Martin Rutte, possible?

Co-creating Heaven on Earth Possibility?

Some people think of Heaven as a place you go when you die.  Some people think that Heaven can not exist on this earth.  Did you know that Heaven is a noun, but that it is also a VERB? This is something that I have learned from Martin.  Heaven can be an action word.  What Heaven will you do today?  Project Heaven on Earth is surrounded by people that are willing to do think about what if the impossible were possible. It is people that have decided to take action on things that they want to change in the world.

Why don’t people create Heaven in their lives?

Some people complain (for a flow chart on complaining click here) but never take action. Complaining is a lazy persons way of saying I’m too lazy to make a difference.  When you complain everyone knows that  you really don’t care about it that much or you would do what it takes to change, to create the impossible, to create Heaven.

Do you have the desire to create Heaven  in your life?  Want to know how?  I have a few resources for you.

Check out Heaven on Earth Facebook page

Check out Heaven on Earth on the web

Invite Martin to speak to your group or event

Check out our video’s of Heaven on Earth when they become available.

What is Heaven on Earth to you, and how can you create it in your life?

P.S. if you are still suck in what is impossible, check this out! (it might show you some other things in your life you can overcome)

Together we can create the impossible. Here is a great book that I have read that even shows how we can literally end poverty. Check it out, if you want.

The book “The end of Poverty” here

The MP3 recording “The End of Poverty” here

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