How can I become free? How do I light the world?

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Tips for inner freedom

“Light the corner of the world where you reside.” – Author unknown

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Gandi

The measure of your life will be the sum of what you do each day.

Who you become, and who you touch in your life can be broken down to the simplest measurement, what you do each day, each hour, each minute.

Every action you take either affects you positively or negatively., and Your actions affect those around you So  Every action you take changes the world! LITERALLY!

When you complain (flow chart about complaining) you pull the people you care about down and negatively affect the world.

When you judge you pull yourself down and those you judge and negatively affect the world.

When you live with purpose, happiness, and fulfillment you are the light of the world. (happiness tip)

I have a daily conference call where I mentor a man who gave me this quote. “Light the corner of the world where you reside.”

I work with a man that said “no one can change the world.”  He continued to say that he has never seen this happen.

Have you ever seen a person change the world?  I have!

A mountain is moved one shovel full at a time.

A street lamp on one corner can be seen on the next corner.  From one corner to the next corner street lamps link light together for thousands of miles.  Across blocks, city’s, highways, and nations.

You are quite possibly the street light in your family, in your block, in your community.  Your light is literally one link in a chain that lights the world! Your light, your service, your love, happiness and minute by minute literally lights the world.

We know the speed of light.  How fast does YOUR light travel?  A smile is felt instantaneously by all in its presence.  What is the speed of a smile?

My friend Martin Rutte created “Project Heaven on Earth.”  He literally shows people how to change the world.

How can you light the world?  Is it possible?

A happy person is noticed by all around.  A person with light is noticed by all around.  To light the world you  must first light yourself.  You must become who you can be.  You must become a light.

Is it time for you to turn your light on?  Is it time for you to light up your life?  Are you ready to light someone else?

Do you complain about the world?  Do you complain about who you are?  Are you living your best and highest self?

Many people think that they are free.  They think because they live in a free country, or have democracy, or because they have freedom of speech they are free.  Freedom does not come from government, it does not come from democracy.  Your “freedom” only comes from inside you.

You can be a slave in a free land, and you can be free as a slave, but to be free you must be a light.  You must light the world.  When you are free light will emanate from you, from all that you do.  Others will see, admire, and grow from your light.  You light will carry, across your relationships, your family, your block, neighborhood, across your city, state, nation, and into the Heavens.

Be free! If you are not free then find out what is holding your freedom. Create Heaven on Earth.  Light the world, and share your light with others.

I believe in you, and I will continue to make my light brighter.

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Lastly, PLEASE comment on tips people can to today to light themselves!

Always Developing, dedicated to your freedom.


  1. May 15, 2010 at 1:59 pm

    Recently, I received an email deriding Hollywood of its lack of commitment to the disasters that surround us. They all jump on the bandwagon of New Orleans and the troubles experienced there while totally ignoring what is happening in Iowa, Tennessee, and Oklahoma. Two states are devastated by rainfall, and the other by violent tornadoes. Where is FEMA, Hollywood, and the Media in the coverage of these disasters. The Nashville disaster will have an economic loss similar to, if not greater, than New Orleans. Where are the troops and assistance? I do not bring this up to get a debate going on who’s doing what. Or, how one administration is performing versus another. I bring this up because of my observation that these places are “lighting” the corner of the world where they live by serving each other. One man responding to my email stated that the residents of Nashville were removing drywall and cleaning up within 24 hours of the cessation of rain. Neighbors helped each other to bring about swift resolution to the devastation. No one lamented what had happened. They were thankful for not having more serious injuries and loss of life. They know it will be hard to get back on their feet, but are optimistic in their prospects. This is a light to the world. This is something to be thankful for! How can you Light the corner of the world where you reside?

    • May 15, 2010 at 7:39 pm

      I have been through a big natural disaster before and seen this in action. After a night of terror, literally, at sun up the world seems clean and fresh. People are ready to serve and help each other assisting in cleaning up their neighbors and strangers houses, yards, trees, etc. It is amazing how challenges can create so much light and friendship. I love this thought. It also reminds me that many times we forget to light the world, we get caught up in the grind, until some tribulation comes along, and then we remember how good it feels to serve. How can you serve unexpectedly today?

  2. August 27, 2010 at 2:31 am

    A+ would read again

  1. July 1, 2010 at 2:58 am

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