Life liberty and the pursuit of UNHAPPINESS

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Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Unhappiness

So this month I have been focusing a lot on happiness, and one of my readers (Brian Green came up with this great title.  Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Unhappiness.

So I’m going to make a statement that is absolutely true.

You are in pursuit of unhappiness. You are chasing Unhappiness every day of your life.  You wake up seeking unhappiness and you go to bed tired from chasing after it all day long.  Unhappiness is your Goal in life, it is your ultimate vision, it is your destiny.

Does this sound true?  If it is true is it scary? Are you telling yourself that there is no way this is true?  Well it may be more true than you know.  Check out why below.

Of course in order to see its true 2 things must happen.

1st, You must be honest with yourself – are you really chasing unhappiness?

2nd, you must recognize your daily choices that bring unhappiness.

So, I think we should start in reverse order.   Before you can really be honest with yourself you must see that there are things that you purposefully do that bring unhappiness.  I have created a few lists of this in previous articles so I will not expound on these much.

Things people chose to do that create unhappiness …

Complain, be judgmental, look for what’s wrong, spend time with unhappy people, talk down to yourself, use the phrase THIS SUCKS, be critical, assume the worst, never forgive, hold grudges,  wait for happiness to happen, buy things to create happiness, blame your unhappiness on other people, blame your unhappiness on anything, victim mentality, looking outside yourself for happiness.

So do you do any of these things?  Do you do any of these consciously ?  Do you do any of the subconsciously?  Are there other things that you do that should be in this list?

I know that I catch myself doing some of them at times.

What does this mean?  Well for one it means that you are purposefully making choices that create unhappiness in your life.  How can you be happy when you are working to be unhappy?  When you are pursuing unhappiness?

Are there some of these things that you need to stop doing?

Okay, moving on to number 2.  Now you can be honest with yourself.  Have you been chasing unhappiness? If you do one of these things now and again you might not be chasing unhappiness.  We all make mistakes, but if you find that you are regularly doing several of these things then you might be chasing unhappiness.

Is it time to stop?

Is it time to start chasing happiness?  It might not be time yet. You might not be ready yet, but I think you can be.  If you are then how do you start actively chase happiness?

Well 1st stop doing any thing that brings unhappiness.

Second start doing things that bring happiness.  This second one is tricky because many times we think something is bringing happiness when it is not.  For instance a new car might seem to bring happiness, but in the end it just brings a new car payment.

So when chasing happiness remember this.  Happiness does not come from outside sources. If the things you are chasing comes from an external source then It just might not be true happiness.

If happiness only comes from internal sources then perhaps you already have happiness down in side you somewhere.  Perhaps its just needed to be discovered.  Perhaps you are suppressing it with unhappiness.

Find it, and let it out. Let it flow.

When children are too happy it is common for their parents to scold them.  We tell them to sit down, shut up, and behave.  We tell them not to skip, run, jump and play, that its not the time.

Now that you are an adult are you still suppressing your own happiness.  When you feel like running and jumping do you, or have you suppressed the desire to have fun right out of your system?

Ponder on these thoughts and if you want more information on unhappiness check out or

If you are ready for some happiness now, then jump up and have a little joy moment, laugh, scream, do a dance, and start chasing happiness.

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