You will not succeed…until you do these 3 things.

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I am about to tell you the 3 things you must absolutely have to succeed. (to succeed in what area Justin?)

I have succeeded in many areas of life and will show how this helped me create a business with almost 2 million in assets using these same principals.  This applies not only to business success, but even more so to inner personal success.  You can succeed in everything you believe in.  So, without any more to say, lets begin.  Read on my friend…..

What is your next stage or step in life?  Where are you going?  Where do you want to go?  If you wrote down your ultimate “next stage” what would you write?

My next stage: (an example from my life)

I will speak and teach people how to have a better and happier life.  I will serve people, and help begin a mission of creating a Heaven on Earth.  I will create strong financial stability.  I also will create relationships that help me to grow into a stronger person.

So, what would the next stage be for you? Have you defined it yet?  Many people have an idea in their head of what their next stage is.  Some peoples  next stage is very concrete and its so strong that they can almost taste it.   I feel that way about mine.  I feel like it is just right outside of my current grasp.  I am just almost there; but I’m not there yet.

So what must you and I do to move into our “next stage” our “next evolution” or more simply put, to live our dream, to live our ultimate purpose, to really grow?  What must we do?  This is what this article is about.  What must you do to move into that next state?

I have been taught something that can change your life.  It is the keys for success.  Want them?

You are somewhere right now, in your life.  You are in a place that you have control over.  You have come to this place by your own choices, thoughts, and actions.  This place is yours. You understand how it works.  You also know how to handle it.  This does not mean that there are not difficulties, it just means that you are able to deal with what is going on in your life right now.  This is yours.  You own it.  You created it, and you can handle it.  But you want more.  I want more.  I want the better, the bigger, the more complete.

There was a time when you were less than you are now. There was a time when your capacity to grow, to create, or to handle life was less than it is today.  There will also be a time when your capacity will be more than it is today.  What allows you to move from your current capacity to the greater capacity?

I believe that there are 3 major things. Three points, that you can not avoid.  Three things that you must work out in order to continue to develop into greatness.  There is also one important  thing that is helpful in making sure you move in the right direction.

What are these three things??

Well they can, do, and will change your life, so you might want to learn them!

Before we talk about those three things we must talk about something extremely important.  You must understand this so that the three things work correctly in your life.

The important:

What the important means is that you do not need it to change, but you might not go the direction you want to go without it.  In other words people change without this thing, but they might not like what they change into.  What is this thing……….

Vision.  You must have vision if you want to move into a place you desire.  You are changing constantly, but you do not always change the way you want to change.  Vision is the difference between just floating around and changing from day to day, and creating the next stage in your life that will keep you moving dramatically forward.  Also, in order for you to get excited enough to create change you must know where you are going.  I believe that it is hard to get excited when you don’t know where you are going, So…

Do you have a vision?  Do you move forward?  Are you creating the next stage in your life?

If you have not defined your vision yet, then why are you still reading this?  Do it, define what your vision is.  Because how are you going to create what you don’t know?  Its like painting your house without seeing the paint color.  So go pick your paint color now.  Then come back to this article!

Okay, now that we have the important out of the way, lets move onto the real meat. 

What must you really have in order to move into the next stage of your life?

1) You must prove that you are ready to move! You must validate that you can handle the responsibility of your new stage.  This is so important, so make sure you understand why.  Who must you validate this to?  First, we are never given anything in life, or on this earth, until we are ready to handle it, and have the ability to handle it.  Never!  You have handled everything that you have been given to this point, or you would not still be here.  We don’t always feel ready, but we were ready none the less.  So, to continue your growth you must prove that you are ready for what is coming. You prove this to several people.  You prove this to yourself.  You prove this to the person or persons that will be helping you in your growth, you prove this to God, for he is the one that ultimately decides if you will have the chance to move on or stay where you are.  So are you ready to prove it.  Can you handle the pressure.  Can you handle the benefits?  An example:

What if we just went out, found a homeless person, and gave him a million dollars?   Would he be able to handle it?  Would his dominion over the money be wise?  Would he just blow it, or would he create a better world for all of us?  We have seen this over and over in lottery winners.  They are broke in a few years because they had not proved that they were ready to  handle this new stage.  Why should God, why should other people, and why should you give yourself something that you can’t handle.  Why should you be set up for failure?

So before you can possibly move into the next stage, you must prove that you are ready to exercise dominion in every aspect of that new stage.  So if I look at my own vision of teaching and helping people have a better life, and doing so full time I have to ask myself.  Am I devoted enough to spend my time doing this?  Or would I just waist my time and not really teach?  And after I answer that question I must prove that I can and will and am doing this.  When I can prove it, then I am allowing a place for it to be given to me.

Rich people don’t want to invest in poor people.  Why is this?  Well one reason is because they don’t know if the poor person could really handle the money.  So what do you need to prove before you can move into your next stage?  Who must your prove this to?  What can you start doing now, to prove this?  Ask yourself these questions because you will not move until you are able to prove this.

2) You absolutely can not move on until you are already doing the next stage to some degree. Moving from one stage to another is a transition.  This transition is like taking a step off of an escalator.  You must step into the new transition.  You cant just avoid it.  You cant continue to walk the same path, expecting to get somewhere else.  You must walk the new path.  In order to move to your next stage, you must, absolutely must start doing it. You must take action.  You must take the first step.  You must create the new life that you vision.  No one else will do it for you.  They might help you, but they will want to see that you are making it happen first.  So take action.  What actions, can you take today, to start to move to your next step?  What actions can you continue to take for the next year that will move you into this next step?  Take action, do it now!

3) Fake it till you make it. Get your mind around the idea.  Get your heart around the idea.  Get your friends around the idea, and then start living as if it is who you already are.  To do this  you must constantly ask yourself, is what I am doing right now in line with my vision?  Am I doing the steps that fit my vision or am I doing something that is not related to my vision at all?  You must grow into this new stage.  As you grow you must take on the new responsibilities of this new stage.  You might not be comfortable, or ready for this new you, so what must you do?  You must fake it, till you make it.  One day this new growth will seem natural, but today it seems unnatural.  So keep doing it.  Make it become natural.  Fake it till you make it.

I have found that these 3 steps apply to almost everything in life. They apply to business growth and to spiritual growth.  They apply to family relationships and they apply to your own self image and happiness.  Nothing in these 3 steps talks about looking back at past mistakes.  Nothing in this talks about your past problems.  All of these are focused on creating the future.  So get over the past and move on.

I have done this in my own life, and so have you.  Here is how!

I grew up with no money, whatsoever.  We were dirt pore.  I wanted to invest in real estate.  I did not know anything about real estate, but I knew that it was a good idea.  People told me that I could not do it.  I did not have a job.  I did not have any money.  I did not have a family that could loan me money.  How was I going to do it?

Well I created my vision.  I then proved that I was ready for that dominion.  I studied, talked, and dreamed real estate.  I went out and met bankers, lawyers, and people that invested in real estate.  I started studying houses and looking at houses with a Realtor.  People said that I could not get a loan.  I did not have a job or credit.  I got a credit card.  I got a job waiting tables.  I then went and bought my first house.  I had to go into many banks before I was able to get a loan.  I had to look at many houses before I found one that I could buy.  I then bought another house, and then another, and then another and when I got up to 5 houses all the banks said “you cant have any more houses.”  Its against the law for us to give you a loan on more than 5 houses.

It was time for me to move to my next stage. I had to find a way to continue to grow my business.  And I did!  But it took a while to get that 6th house.  Because I had not proven that I was ready to create that yet. I then started to study and learn and prove that I could get that 6th house, but I did even better than that.  I bought a 5 house package deal, and then an 8 unit apartment complex.  Now I was into my next stage.  I was playing even bigger.

I would walk into a bank and walk out with money.  I continued to grow.  Oh, and one of the best parts of this is that I almost never ever put any money down on any of these houses.  Impossible, people would say, but I had already proved to myself that I could do it.

When the market started to crash in late 2008 people said that is the end of buying houses and especially the end of buying them for no money down, but I then went out and bought a 2800 sq foot house with a 3 car garage for no money down.  I then bought an office building for almost no money down.  I then went out and bought 2 more houses for “no money down.”  Not a penny out of my pocket.

Literally, I cracked the code on that.  It took me about 8 years before I had grown into this place.  So now I want to move onto my next stage.

What must I do?

Well I must ….

  1. Prove that I am ready
  2. Start doing the next stage
  3. Fake it till I make it.

So go do it, and do it now!

Oh, and how can I start doing the next stage for you?  My vision is to help, teach, and serve other people so that they can create a better life for themselves.  Will you help me do this?  Will you tell me what I can do to help you in your successful growth?  Comment on this article, or visit and comment there.

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    Here’s what I think. I don’t think you should use the language of “fake it until you make it” because of the negative connotations. I believe you could further drive your point home by using something like “try to change your behavior so that you can quickly become the new you. Act, do, be.” I liked the content very much and I see you are working on your buildups. Very nice. I followed what you were saying easily, but, I’d like to see you avoid anything that can be construed as negative. You have such a positive message.


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