How much can you sell your dreams for?

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Dreams…. I am not talking about the things that you picture while asleep at night, I am talking about your great desires in life.

So what are your dreams, and what do you dream of?

dreams why do you give up on them?

me living one of my dreams.

Some of my biggest dreams are to help people enjoy their life, to serve unconditionally, to have an abundant life, to always learn, and to create financial security.  These are broad concepts of what I WILL accomplish in life, but the idea is there.

So, what is the dollar amount of these dreams?  How much could I sell them for?  How much would you pay me for these dreams?  Although this question seems a little silly lets analyze the concept of it.

The idea is what is the dream worth to me. Or, what would I trade it for? If you offered me a Lamborghini  in exchange for my dream of helping people change their life would I take it?  If you said you would give me $20,000 if I never performed any service again would I do it?

What if you offered me cable T.V. and a couch?  Would I trade all of my dreams for cable TV and a couch? …. So time for a quote….

“Dreams are those things that so many people triad for cable TV and so called “security.”

What are you trading your dreams for?

Perhaps the ultimate idea of this article is starting to come clear to you.  Your dreams are something that are very important to you, to your happiness, and to the rest of the world.  There are people that need your dreams to fulfill their dreams.  There are people that need your dreams to live their life.  There are people that need you just to survive. What would you trade them for?

Now this might be overly simplistic so lets talk about how it affects us on a day by day basis.

The first thing you must do is clarify what your dream is.  After you do that you must take action.  You don’t have to fulfill your dream in one day or even in one year.  But you must start taking action.  Not only must you take action, but you must do so regularly. Now you might not change the world in one day, or even in 10 years, but if you take one action a day, you really can change the world.  If that is too big for you to believe right now, then believe that you can help one persons life.  If you help one person a year for the rest of your life is that changing the world?

Now you have 2 choices….

Option 1: You can take action on your dream every day.

Option 2: You can substitute your dream for something else.

Option number 2 is more commonly done than option number 1.  Why????

Why would anyone substitute their dream, their desire, there ultimate vision for something else?

There are many reasons but a few good ones are…




Lack of self belief



So a question for you.  How many dreams have you sacrificed for television? How many actions could you have taken toward moving forward that you traded for a few hours of commercials and a show you don’t remember?  How many dreams have you sacrificed for the news?  How many have you sacrificed for browsing the internet?

Do you want to keep getting what you have now, or do you want to create something more?  When will you start?  How will you do it?  What will you do?  What dream will you bring to reality?

Next time you choose the habitual dream sucking action for your greatest path and desire ask yourself how much your dream is worth.

If its not worth doing, then its not a good dream, and if it is worth doing then someone must do it.  Who is that someone?  Is it you?

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“Dreams are those things that so many people triad for cable TV and so called “security.”

What are you trading your dreams for?

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