I got stabbed last night and died.

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Preface: This blog was more difficult for me to write or publish than any blog I have previously written.  This was due to the style and openness that I wrote it in.  It is literally based on a dream that I had a few days ago.  I hope that as you read it you can find ways that you can create your life the way you really want it to be created.  Keep reading to see why it was hard for me to write. Be strong, and enjoy!

Last night I was lying on the operating table cold like a slab of meat.  Someone had broken into my house and stabbed me.  I was literally bleeding to death.  My emotions were high as I wondered if I would live.  I slowly felt the room getting dark.  I was nervous, scared, and anxious for what was about to happen.  Emergency doctors were rushing around trying to fix me up, but to no avail.

I passed away at 2:37 am central time. A warm beautiful and glorious feeling overcame my entire soul.  I felt free of the earth, free of my physical body, and free of the stress and troubles of life. A sense of warm unconditional love surrounded me as I floated toward what appeared to be total pure love.

I felt so much love that It is hard to describe, but I also felt anxiety.  Had I fulfilled my life?  Had I done my part?  Had I created a Heaven on Earth?

As I wondered on these things my earthly emotional attributes seemed to return to me.  I realized that I was still myself, even though I was removed from my body.  I had the same concerns.  I realized that I “should” have done more.  Slowly I recognized the feeling of another presence with me.  This feeling seemed familiar, like my best friend was standing in the room with me. This feeling also seemed new.  It was strange because I felt as if I had known this person for all my life, yet never fully met them.  I soon realized that I was standing in the presence of my maker.  I was surrounded by nothing but unconditional love.  It seemed that I was in pure bliss.  My earthly troubles washed away like oil washes off the road when it rains.  the As I stood in the presence of my maker he spoke to me.  His warm voice told me many private things that I don’t wish to repeat.  He also told me how amazing and wonderful I was.  How I am his son.  How pleased with me he was.  He also voiced concerns with me.  He said that I was so amazing, but that I let him down.  He shared that he had expected even greater things from me than I had performed.  He told me that although I had been a good person I had not lived up to my full potential.

He said all of this in a very loving and forgiving voice, but he expressed that I was chosen to be great, to be awesome, to change the world.  He said that he had given me abilities far beyond what I had accomplished.  He asked me questions about the time I had wasted when I could have been helping 1000’s of people.

As we talked I found myself anxious, but I felt a growing desire to speak my mind.  I was becoming excited as I saw new possibilities before me.  He sensed that I had something to say.  He asked what it was that I waned to share.  My excitement burst out of me.  I knew it was time for me to grow.  NOW! This was my chance to be what I always knew I could be.  This was my chance to really overcome.  This was my chance to not worry about what others thought of me, but to just do what MUST be done.

I began to speak.  I knew he was right about me.  I knew I had not lived up to my potential.  I told him of this.  I told him how I was stronger than I had lived.  I told him how I had gotten encumbered by the world and had not fulfilled my true and total destiny.  I then said that I waned to go back to my body.  I was not ready to leave it yet.  Even though I felt so much love and peace and was truly happy here with him I felt a desire to help my brothers and sisters on earth. I pleaded with him to send me back.

He asked me why?  He told me that I had already lived my life.  He said that I had my chance, that my turn was up.  I made him a promise. I said “if you send me back I will blow you away. I will knock your socks off.  I will change the world.  I will create Heaven on Earth.”  I felt his love, compassion and forgiveness engulf my body.

Last night I bled to death in the emergency room.

Are you alive, or are you walking dead?  You are amazing.  Are you fulfilling that?  How can you create more?  How can you serve more?  What is Heaven on Earth, and what simple things can you do to create this?

We all have the potential to amaze.  We all can “knock his socks off.”  But will we?  Will you?

Today I walked out of the hospital alive and free……

My mission is great, but so is my power.  I have been given great abundance.  I have the ability to help 1000’s of people.  I am going to knock his socks off!

A few questions for you.

  1. Does it matter if this story is true or is made up?
  2. Are you living up to your full potential?
  3. What else do you want to do?

Goal for my new life.  ( hint, you can make your own) Teach and inspire positive change in massive degrees.

Today, create your new life goals.  How will you really amaze him?  How will you fulfill your full potential?

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Start your awesomeness right now, share this with someone that needs your inspiration.

  1. Your sis, Ameris
    February 7, 2010 at 12:33 pm

    I read it all.

    1.To me it matters, but only as part of the information, and an aspect of knowing more of you. It is a good “story”.

    2.I think living your life to your “full potential”, is impossible. It is like infinity. Or the end of time. You can always keep going. I don’t think I am close to my “relative best” potential. Also, to be contrary with my self, Yoda comes to mind. “Do or do not, there is no try.”

    3.My goals are relative to my current situation. However, I WANT IT ALL, and NOW.
    I’m not talking about money or power, they are just distractions, and come naturally with the following, self realization and follow through commitment.

    Now, let me know what your think. 🙂

  2. TRACI
    February 8, 2010 at 1:45 am

    so i got a new laptop. its so nice to be able to sit on the sofa, and get online. i dont usually get online much from the desktop. ah…today was a challenge for me. interesting that i read your blog. the ones i have read in the past have always inspired me as this one did the same. i have alot of thoughts going through my head right now. can you write on the difference of religion *god and budhism. people are telling me that being a budhist is not a realigion its a form of life. i dont get it.

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