Live free! Time to be free and live free, the Wall Mart way

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Tonight I went shopping at one of my favorite stores; Wall-Mart. What an amazing place that is. 24 hours a day there are interesting people to talk to and to encroach on their comfort levels.

What do I mean by this? Well I really enjoy helping people to have a better and happier life. Wal-Mart is a great place to practice this. Most people live their lives and don’t see anything beyond their limited peripheral vision. In other words they live their life from the point of view of their eyes. As life unfolds and happens they judge it based on what they see or take in.

When I go to Wall-Mart I have the great opportunity to broaden peoples vision by opening them up some. I do this by “inserting” myself into their life. Once I have interceding in their daily routine then I proceed to do something that lifts their spirit. I either complement, or just have a good time with them.

Almost always this is met with a positive response from the person that I do this with. I also believe that these people walk away from the situation with a bigger smile on their face. How long it lasts, I don’t know, but the point is that I have created a little bit of Heaven on Earth for that person.

So, tonight, I was at my Wal-Mart again. The lines were long and the patience was short for many people. Our geriatric clerk was having a very difficult time figuring out where the keys on the register were located. There were 2 college age girls in front of us that were checking out. I was there with a few friends. These girls were buying an ironing board. I said to my friends “we know where we can go now to get our laundry done. These girls laughed and talked about how we really did not want them to do their laundry.

When these girls got to our technologically challenged clerk it was soon realized that she could not operate the credit card machine. After about a 20 minute period and help from a supervisor these girls were able to check out, however, while they were becoming increasingly more frustrated with their extra 20 minute stay at my favorite store, I was becoming happier and happier.

This was a great opportunity to meet new people, have fun with them, lift their spirits, and just to stop and enjoy life.

I do not know how much they appreciated my jokes and conversation as it was not met with great thanks, however it was not met with negative responses as well.

As we left my favorite store my best friend said to me that I needed to behave and that having fun does not always make a situation better. She continued to point out that I might have been making this situation worse by making light of it.

My response: Laughing at life always makes life better. Sometimes we choose to be upset instead of laughing at life. I told her that I wanted to enjoy my life. I was stuck in the line as well. I could have sat there and gotten up set and been frustrated. I could have decided to be frustrated because these girls were taking so long to check out. But why should I let their situations determine my life? Why should I be upset because of some unfortunate activity that is out of my control. Perhaps these girls walked away happier because of me. Perhaps they were still upset. Either way I was happy and I was not controlled by their problems.

After arriving in the parking lot I saw these 2 girls loading their purchases into their vehicle. They were laughing and joking with each other. Perhaps they had gotten over the arduous task of checking out, or perhaps I had just lifted their spirits.

Either way, they had already moved on with their life. What a great paradigm shift this is. You see, when we are in the moment life can seem so dire and upsetting, however a few seconds later and a new train of thought and suddenly life is fun again. Why not just decide to let it always be fun.

You don’t need the upsetting in your life. You can enjoy your life without the upsetting.

And more than that, you don’t need to live your life for other peoples safety. If someone else gets upset that you are happy that is their problem. 100’s of people get upset at you when you are in a good mood, and they are not. So is that an excuse to stoop to their level. They will be upset no matter if you are upset or not. They are just using you as an excuse to justify their hatred for their own way of living.

Lets not have fear. Lets not be afraid to step on a few toes. For we can be happy, and we can be ourselves, and we can be free. If others want to join our happy freedom quest they can. If they want to be jealous or upset that we are enjoying our life, then let them be, for that does not concern us. What concerns us is what we do with our lives while we are here, for we will not be here forever, and I want to enjoy every second of it while I am here.

What do you think? Are there any times that you have been the inspiration in someone else’s happiness? Are there times when you have chosen to not be happy so that you don’t “step on someone’s toes.”

Time to be free and live free!

  1. John
    January 12, 2010 at 4:04 am

    just clicked through and though I’d see what the heck Crazy C. was talkin about now, (I just made that up Crazy C.) did I interrupt your pattern? Anyway I started reading this article not really expecting much..(don’t take that as and insult, I just didn’t feel like reading motivational guru stuff..) see I interrupted it again huh? probably didn’t realize you were a guru huh? Anyway you’re doin some good with these thoughts…keep it up. J. C. If more people would fill their heads with these kinds of words constantly instead of bad news, music etc., their lives would be so much more rewarding! John P.

  2. January 13, 2010 at 2:43 am

    John P. Thanks for the comment, you are right on. We should do lunch soon. I head out of town next week (Puerto Rico :)) but perhaps when I get back.

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