Who am I? Who are you? What are you really? Discovering your true self

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Do you ever feel like you are misunderstood? Do you ever feel that you are not living the life that defines who you really are?

Do you ever do things that are not in line with what you really believe? Have you made mistakes that you said “that’s not me” or “that’s not something that I believe in”?

There are reasons for all of this. We are going to talk about this a little today.

First, a thought…….. (hold on tight, this one is deep) “Once you figure out who you are, then you must learn to become you; or shed/release everything that is not you; everything! What must you shed?”

Ok, so there is the preface to this blog. The first step is discovering who you are. How do you do this? That’s a great question. We will just touch on the tip of the ice berg.

You already have some ideas about who you are, but you may be confused as to which of these ideas are the true divine you. What really is the divine you?

Lots of confusion comes form this area. One of the things that causes this confusion is limiting beliefs and attachments to limiting ideas and thoughts.

Think about times that you have been judging someone else. (limiting attachment)

Have you been happy? Have you felt peace and love or joy? Probably not. There is a reason for this. When you are judging someone else you are judging based on something that you are attached to, ie their fault. When you see the faults in others it does not make you stronger or happier. It actually brings you down.

The problem with this is that you are not not working on becoming who you are, but you are looking at other peoples faults and circumstances.

Lets analyze “sin” for a moment as well. Everyone probably thinks a sin is something just a little different. It does not matter what you view as a sin. The point is that you know what you believe is a sin. Have you ever “sinned”? Have you ever done the same sin over and over. Have you ever said “that’s not who I am” or even God knows the true me, and he knows my heart.

Times like this are times when you are not living your true self.

So who is your true self? Well only you can decide what that is, but for me it is along the lines of…. A spiritual being living on earth and learning to create. (Create more intelligence, create more spiritual strength and knowledge, and create many other things.)

When I am doing something that is not creating growth in my life then I am not living my true self.

So back to the quote from before… “Once you figure out who you are, then you must learn to become you; or shed/release everything that is not you; everything! What must you shed?”

I know who I am. I feel it deeply rooted in my sole. I also know when I am not living who I am. When I am not being myself, when I am not true to what I believe and know to be me. I am not happy, I am not at peace, and I really am just floating along in life.

However, when I am living my true self I have more joy, love, peace and happiness than I can even imagine. It feels amazing. I float through life, nothing upsets me or gets me down. No matter how difficult the circumstances, when I’m living my true self, I feel free and alive. I feel invigorated and able to create.

So in order for me to feel this way all of the time I have to shed off many things that I have taken on. You see you are already your true self. You don’t have to become you, because your true self is already there. However, you have taken on a lot of qualities that are not your true self. You don’t have to gain new qualities, you just have to get rid of the ones that are not really you.

You were born perfect, with a happy true self, however, over the years, you have taken on qualities that distract from who you truly want to be.

So, to be really happy, to be full of peace, to love and enjoy life, and to float every where you go you must learn to shed the things that are not your true self. You must learn to “put off” what is not you. You must learn to remove the weight that you carry around in the form of attachments and limiting beliefs.

So return to who you really are. Do it one day at a time, but start now. Do something right now that is your true self. Do something right now that fits who you really are. And Smile, for you really are joy and happiness. But you can’t be happy when you are not smiling. 🙂

P.S. – what is attachment??? It is when you have a strong idea or pull to something that is false and view it as true. Fear is an attachment. When you get scared you are “attached” to some event and judging that event as bad, therefore causing fear in your life. What else are you attached to???? More on this in other blogs if you chose to read them.

PS, love to hear what you feel your true self is!


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