Money how should you view it?

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So I know money is on lots of peoples minds. I have been thinking about some of the barriers that hang people up from creating more wealth for the last few days and have a few thoughts.

First is ” There is absolutely no reason at all to earn money, If you never spend it!”-Justin Criner.

So often we let ourselves get stressed about spending money however that’s what it was created for. Do you get stressed about breathing out air? Or do you feel like you should just save all the air you ever breath? Money does not work if you don’t spend it. This does not mean blow all of your money, but it does mean you should relax and enjoy money for whatever reason you are spending it. That’s why you have it. Even if you are spending on an unexpected emergency, that’s still the reason you work and that’s still the reason you have money, so you can spend it.

My second thought comes from a quote by James Goi jr

“Act with positive or neutral feelings when dealing with money: accept it gratefully;earn it happily; spend it courageously; give it joyfully; invest it hopefully; lose it calmly.”

Let’s learn to implement both of these concepts into our money self esteem and your amount of money will grow.

Don’t believe me? Great share why you don’t

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