If your personailty could be any car, what would you be?

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I spend most of my work day on the road, and I see lots of people driving lots of cars. I also have a great opportunity with my job to talk to many people. There are some interesting things that I have learned, but one of them is that many people’s self image, and even their definition of themselves is created by their car.

Of course the car is just one example of an expensive (or not that expensive) material thing, but it is much more than that. A car is a status symbol. A car shows what your personality is like. Are you small and cute, big and muscular, car’s can hint to these different things.

Whats the point Justin?

Well the first simple point is that your car, house, jeans, or watch have nothing to do with who you are, however, most of the time most of us do not realize that. We all know it to some level. We all know that money does not = happiness, however at the same time we think, if I just got that new….. I would be a stud, or beautiful, or the man, or cool, or accepted, or happy. If you believe you are happier driving a nice car, wearing nice clothes, or living in that big house then you have not really accepted this as truth.

Your true self, your true being is not dependent on external material things! You are absolutely not your car.

Ask yourself, how much of my life do I base on material things? How much of my happiness do I base on material things? How much of my joy is based on material things, and then the big one!!!

How much of my unhappiness is based on lack of material things?

Part of your purpose on this earth is to learn to be happy and accept life as a learning growing experience. You are not hear to be stressed out, unhappy, and always desiring more. Desiring more will never bring happiness.

If you can’t be happy driving a junk car, or you cant be happy making $15,000 a year, then you can’t be happy driving a Bently making $1.3 million a year.

So, what are you waiting for? Are you waiting for the Bently to be happy? Are you waiting for the 1.3 million to be happy? Cause if you are then it will probably never come.

However, why not just be happy now. At least you will enjoy life more, and who knows, you may end up gaining a Bently and 1.3 in the process. Your chance and success is much greater when you are at peace with yourself!


Oh, and if you want to know more about how to be happy all the time check out some of my happiness blogs. More to come on that topic.

Also, 80 pages done on my book related to happiness and perspective. Cant a copy? Its awesome, but in order to get it, I have to finish writing it. 🙂

Leave comments, if you have the guts.

P.S. I said above “you are absolutely not your car.” What else are you absolutely not?

Are you your body?
Are you your mind?
Are you your family?
Are you your personality?
What are you?

  1. diana
    October 6, 2009 at 6:30 pm

    You’re writing a book??? I’ll take one copy, please. 🙂 I’m glad that I’m defined by what car I drive. I have a white minivan…BORING!

  2. October 6, 2009 at 7:22 pm

    Well I’m not saying that your current car defines you, but the point is that so many people base their life on the car.

    I’ll let you know when it’s finished, but its got a way’s to go, on page 80 right now, but lots to do.

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