personal development, where does it start?

Yesterday at work I was talking with 2 kids. One was 16 and one 17 years of age. They were both sitting behind bars because they had tried to kill themselves. The 16 year old had hung himself on the back fence and his sister had cut him down. The 17 year old was attempting to kill herself as well and told police that if they left her at the house she would kill herself. Both of them were behind bars waiting for a doctor to come and work with them.

I had already had the chance to spend some time talking with the 16 year old and in that conversation his spirit was lifted quite a bit. I asked the 17 year old if she had all the money in the world what she would do with it. She said “I don’t know.” I asked, if you could do anything in the world, anything at all, you could be anywhere or be doing anything what would you do? She said I would be sitting at home. I said you can do anything and you would be at home on the couch and she said well I might go out. I said you can go anywhere and you would just “go out.” I spoke with her for about 5 minutes on this topic and she really appeared to not have any dreams or aspirations for the rest of her life.

I then asked the 16 year old and he said If I can do anything i would spend time with my 7 month old son. I said what would you do with your son. We continued to talk about this idea and I then went back to the 17 year old again asking her what she wanted to do for a living. She said she did not know. I asked if there was anything that she would like to do and she said that she can’t afford it and gave other excuses. I told her if you can do anything what would you chose. She finally said she thought it would be neat to be a lawyer or a doctor. She did not know what type of doctor or lawyer to be but she did think it would be neat to be one.

I saw a great change take place in this young lady as we were talking. When she came into the jail cell she was as low as she could get. She was ready to end her life. She was ready to kill herself painfully, probably due to apathy for life. As we talked her entire face and body shifted. She was smiling and she was IMAGINING or dreaming. This young girl started to joke around and started to care for something. Our time ended and I had to leave and I do not know what happened with either of them after I left.

This situation is one that I see and deal with on a daily basis. I see children and adults that have no dreams and have no imagination. They live life day to day, not caring about the future with no desire for growth. This feeling leads to depression and apathy. Because the purpose for being here melts away and they really become useless.

So I would ask you the same questions. If you could do anything right now, what would you do? Is it sit on the couch, or is it fly to the moon?

Our personal development can only start when we have a desire to attain and grow. When their is something that we would do if we could do anything. If I could do anything I would go to Africa and protect children that are killed while walking to school. This is one of my dreams. What is one of yours?

When you find your dream then its time to start developing yourself so that you can reach your dream.

Sometimes we get dreams but then we tell ourselves that we could never have that dream. We think the dream would be nice and that we would enjoy it, but its too big for me. Its more than I could do. Perhaps if I win he lottery I would do it. We talk our selves out of our dreams. Thank goodness Edison did not talk himself out of creating the light bulb. Its said that Edison made 1800 lightbulbs that did not work before he figured out how to make it work. What if he gave up on number 1799. Would anyone have faulted him? He tried hard. He did it 1799 times and it just will not work.

My point… You can have your dream. You can have your immagination. You can do ANYTHING that you want to do. But YOU must make it happen, and YOU can make it happen. It may take you 1800 tries but is your dream worth it. Is your dreamm worth 1800 tries? And if your dream is not worth 1800 tries then perhaps its time to find a bigger and more fulfilling dream. Perhaps its time for you to really change the world!

I started with appathy and giving stories of appathetic people that were suicidal. This is a big problem in our society. This is an issue that many children and adults have in their lives. I have a few steps for you to work through this.

First honestly evaluate your life and find the areas that you “just dont care” about. Write these down. Then look at the opposite of this area. So if your area was “I just don’t care about my job.” Its borring and its below my intelligence and my boss does not support me. If that was your answer write it down. Then…

Second, imagine and dream. If I could have anything in the world, anything that I wanted in my job what would that be? Then write that thing down, but when you write it, I want you to write it in the present tence as if it is true. So I would write. I love my job, it is so fulfilling to me. My supervisors allow me to work and do the things that really need to be done. I have the space to change the world and I have the ability and skills to make a difference. My pay is well deserving of my intelligence and abilities.

When you write this in the present tense you should start to see it as true, and feel it as true. Hold this dream in your mind. Is this your dream? Is this your desire? Is this dream worth 1800 tries? Is it worth working for? Is it worth creating? I dont care if its hard or even impossible. Lots of impossible things have happened. About 50 years ago it was impossible to land on the moon. Now its like going to Wal-mart. We can do it any time we want. Get rid of those impossible thoughts and just allow it to happen.

Then work toward the dream. Make it happen, even if it takes 1800 tries. Don’t let it fade from your mind. Because your apathy is killing your life, either figuratively, or in reality. Your apathy is killing your dreams, goals, desires, cares, excitement, and making you mundane.

So the 4 steps.
see what you don’t care about
see how you would really like that
work to make it happen
don’t quit till you get what you want.

on a last note, If you are having a hard time finding what you want then help someone you care about get what they want. Make their dream yours and work for them to achieve. They will be blessed, their dream will be come yours, and you will gain dreams of your own in the process. You will be fulfilled through the service that you do.

Please comment on any of the topics discussed that you feel strongly towards, have success in, or want more information in. – dedicated to your EMS development (emotional, mental, and spiritual)

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