who is in control of your body?

mind body control

How much control over our body do we really have? I believe that when practiced and learned we have 100% control over our bodies. I believe this more after a few specific events.

I just returned from camping with my family. I shared my tent with my brother and sister-in-law and their young child (Jonathan). Jonathan has a hard time sleeping at night. My brother warned me that I might not get any sleep if I shared a tent with them.

I said “that’s OK, I’ll just turn my ears off before bed.” Upon entering the tent they advised the same thing and I told them that I was going to turn my ears off again. I was 1/2 joking but also believed that it was possible.

I slept great. I woke up the next morning and my sister-in-law asked if Jonathan woke me up with all his crying and screaming. I did not hear a thing and I advised her of such. She said “not even when I finally got up and took him to the car.” I told her that I never knew that he cried or that she left the tent.

I have had similar experiences with my good friend Mike and his young child. Mike has offered me ear plugs and I have told him that I would just “turn my ears off.” For some reason this has really worked well.

In contrast….
At work in the past I have snoozed off sometimes purposely. This has happened when I have been very tired or working late shifts. For work I have to answer a radio when my 4 digit number is called and I have to differentiate my number from 100’s of other numbers constantly blasting over the radio. My number is not always the same as it changes from time to time.

During these times that I have dozed off I have told myself that I would hear my radio if called. This has always been the case. I can dose off and be mostly unaware of other radio traffic, but if I am called then I immediately recognize it and wake up.

I have also recognized that when camping or when in environments where bathrooms are less available I don’t have the need or urges to use the bathroom as often as when they are readily available. Is this due to my mind knowing its not available so my body responds by processing more food or by using the food better?

Would it be possible for our body’s to process 100% of everything ingested and be completely efficient with no waist?

What could our body’s achieve if we had total mind body control. Could our body create and build muscle without exercise?

Can we heal ourselves? I believe the answer to all of this is yes.

I don’t know what it takes to create this but the first step has to be believing it is possible.

After that we must start to act by telling our body’s what we want them to do. This might work better if in a meditative subconscious state of mind.

another important step would be to eliminate telling your body negative limiting statements such as “I’m sick” or “you can’t do that” or “not strong enough” or “I’m allergic” or “I’m not in control of my ….”

Along these lines –
Christ could control his body with his mind. He could also control weather and plants, and animals with his mind. Do we have the same ability built in somewhere just waiting for us to learn how to use?

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