What do you attract?

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The power of Attraction happened today in my life

I have read about the law of attraction many times. Last night, for the first time, i watched “The Secret.” It has been sitting on my book shelf for probably a year waiting on me to watch it. So I did, and I learned one interesting thing. I am very much a mental positive thinker, however I learned that to properly attract something it must be more than just mental, it must be emotional as well. This rang very true to me because I am very good at mentally telling myself what is positive and good even when emotionally I don’t feel that way.

The secret was telling me that I must also emotionally believe and attract and not just mentally. This seems extremely true with financial things for me because I like to say things are ok, when in my gut they don’t “feel” OK. So…….

Today, 12-17-08, I was at work performing my normal Police Patrol duties. I got a police radio call and another officer was assigned to back me up on this calls.

In my city officers work alone but 2 officers are sent to calls that are considered higher risk of danger. This call was considered such so 2 of us were sent.

Myself and the other officer arrived and finished the call. After the call was over we were both walking back to our separate police vehicles. I said “I’ll see you later.” He said “I’ll probably see you in a few minutes.” He was referencing that we would get a call together soon instead of having a more relaxed day.

I decided to test the law of attraction. I said “I’ll see you in 20 minutes.” I did not JUST say it, but I intended it both mentally and emotionally.

I turned to me and laughed. I then said “I’ll start my watch now.” I looked at my watch and it was 17:32 hours.

I left the call and got another call and after that call was over I got a third call. This third call was once again a “higher risk” call so 2 officers were sent.

As I was getting about a block away I remembered my 20 minute law of attraction test. I looked at the computer in my police car to see what officer was coming to back me up. It was the same officer. I then pulled into the parking lot of the Salvation Army where the call came out. I looked at my watch and it was exactly 17:52 hours, exactly 20 minutes from the exact time I had said 20 minutes earlier that I would see this other officer.

I arrived on scene 20 minutes later. He showed up shortly after that and after finishing the call I commented to him that it was exactly 20 minutes from our last call.

This kind of freaked him out some, but to me it was a true fruit of the “LOA.”

Further this proves that attraction has not time limit. It can happen instantly. I just watched “The Secret” last night. I have not correctly practiced attraction extensively, yet today, at the snap of a finger I was able to attract a new reality.

This is the law of attraction at work. I will, from now on, attract all that is good and abundant in my life.

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