What Are You Making True?

Truth Is Only What You Empower

The only truth is what you empower. Stop and think about this for a moment. Falsity becomes true when you empower it. Divine law is only true when empowered. Negativity, faults and weakness are “empowered falsity” created by you.

Faith is empowered truth. 

Lack of faith is “empowered falsity” or negativity.

False empowered truth does not change divine truth, just supports it by supporting the opposite of divine, since in the divine it is actually false. In other words, gravity is always gravity.  You can decide not to believe in gravity, but divine truth does not change based on your belief.  Your truth, the truth of your world, the truth in how you live your life, is based on what you put power into. If you believe you are too weak to accomplish something, then you will “empower” that belief. In essence, you will put your strength in not trying.  The end result you will not be strong enough to fulfill that accomplishment.

Now, divine truth can also be changed, as it realates to you, so to speak. For instance, let’s assume that there is a God. I believe in one, but even if you don’t believe in one, just for this example let’s imagine that there is a God. Now, assuming that there is a God, what would happen if you put your energy in the belief that there is no God. When you die, you would not go to live with God, you would not go to Heaven, but you would go wherever God puts you. You would not see God, you would not be around God, and from your perspective there is no God, for you cannot see him.

So you created a reality that seems true. Whether this reality is true or not does not matter, for, from your shoes, it is reality.  Your reality is truth to you.

Now if you learn to know real truth, then you can use the principals that govern the laws of real truth. Until you learn real truth, then you are just creating false realities.

If anyone is interested in more information on this topic, request it through your comment below.  I will update when time allows.



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