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What an amazing day! I have had the wonderful opportunity to spend time with some amazing people today. I spoke with 2 that I want to remember. J. Dealey has the best laugh ever. I have had the choice opportunity to spend some time with him on several occasions. His laugh will make anyone happy and make country’s peaceful. I asked him how he does it and he said 16 seconds every morning, and 16 seconds every night to deep belly laugh. He said this must be continued for 39 days and then at the end of those 39 days I could move onto more advanced training. He also suggested that any time there is laughter to do 10% more than I usually do. Even if it is not funny, just do 10% more. He used the analogy that 10% is not much, like taking a dime out of someones pocket. He lastly told me to make a 1 hour video teaching women about self defense as it relates to rape protection and that it would market and sell well. He told me to call him and give him a testimonial in 39 days when my laughing is finished. It was a wonderful 30 min. check out to hear John laugh. John also quickly talked about goals saying every time you set a goal set an outrageous, a target and a minimum goal. The min being super easy to accomplish. Great idea.

Next I spoke with L. Brower. This was a truly memorable conversation. We both shair the same spiritual/religious beliefs. We had a wonderful conversation about stories that influenced our lives. After theses stories we spoke about prayer and I was encouraged to pray by not using words but instead picturing what I am praying for. If Im thanking God then picture what Im thankful for, and if i’m asking for something again picture it in my mind and also feel it in my emotions. This, i believe is much closer to what prayer should be. It removes the false repetitions and vain thoughs that we say that hold no meaning.

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