Perspective checkup

perspective changes destiny

The rain has been poring down unceasingly all day. This evening at work it appeared that I was going to have to get out of the car and swim in a deep ditch and try to assist someone else who had gotten stuck in the muddy cold flowing water.

As I was driving to this area I was thinking “I hope I dont have to get out of the car.” As I thought this I decided to have a new perspective.

I thought about the strength I have and my ability to climb into the water and to help someone else. I thought about people in movies battling insurmountable odds to rescue themselves and others.

I though about bragging to my friends about my heroics of the evening.

As I though of these things my entire attitude changed. Suddenly I was not wishing that I did not have to get out in the October rain, but instead I was seeing myself triumphant and strong, soaking wet and yet soaking happy.

I no longer cared about the rain. Nothing really changed though. It was still cold. I was still me. The rain was still coming.

From now on my perspective will be one of the excitement of the ride instead of resistance to the ride.

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