New Perspective On People That Hurt You

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Pain Of Being Hurt By Others

Many times in life we are very quick to judge those that offend or harm us. Our judgments are not always correct, but we tend to own them. By owning them I mean we believe they are correct. We believe that we have the right to judge.  We believe our judgment is just.

However is it? Find out for yourself! Do this short exercise with me.  Really try to fully immerse yourself in the exercise. It won’t do you any good if you just do it 1/2 of the way.

Picture the person that has offended you. Picture what they did to you. Remember the feelings that you felt when they did this. Remember how hurt, sad, or upset you were. Now picture them.

Picture the person that has offended you crying themselves to sleep over you and the situation. Immagine that they are also hurt by what they did to you. See them as truly sorry, but just not able to express their sorrow. Imagine the pain they feel from their own emotional struggles. Do you see how depressed and unhappy they are. Can you see that they had to treat you bad because they are hurting inside?

As you visualize this, it shows that they actually do care and just are not capable of showing it. It personalizes them.  Is it true?  Who knows?  Who cares!

The point is not if they are sorry.  They may be they may be sorry, and they may not be.

They may be crying and sad and even depressed over how they are treating you.  If they are being excessively rude, then they probably are depressed …but none of that matters.

The point is for you to find a place in your heart where you can first have a perspective change, then have compassion for them, and lastly, truly forgive them.

To learn how to truly forgive read my blog on forgiveness here

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