how big are you?


Where do “I” end?

Reading tonight I had this thought. Does the shape or form of my spirit stop at the edge of my body? Does my skin hold my spirit inside like a water tight bowl? Or, does “I” extend beyond the confines of this mortal vehicle?

I also considered how far my spirits influence can be felt and can feel in return. if this extends beyond my body then does my spirit itself extend with the influence?

So if my “i” is larger than my body then exactly how large am I? One inch? Ten feet? 100 miles?

The closest galaxy to ours is 2.4 million light years away. The universe is infinite. Do “i” extend that far? Am I 2.4 mil light years wide? And if so it would stand to reason that I am actually infinite or limitless in size.

Is that possible? Or is it possible for my influence to travel 2.4 million light years and be felt by others?

The sun’s influence travels long distances and is still felt by all on earth. Am I the same?

I think so. I know I feel others influence from a distance at times. Distance is no barrier to spirit. So i literally influence the ever expanding infinite universe 2.5 million light years away and beyond. I wonder, when I pray, when I do something good, when I raise my spiritual level can other spirits tell and feel this influence from all corners of the galaxy? I believe that they can. I believe that when I grow it actually warms others lives and they can feel and notice this growth internally. I also believe there is no limit on the distance this influence can travel. Be it 2.4 million light years or more. After all, how many light years away does God live from us? And we still feel his influence.

Wow God really is amazing and so are we.

We are like an internet connection always on and stretching to all space limitless connection to all who choose to log on and connect with us.

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