Can You Test?

So… I took several tests today.

In my past I have not believed in my test taking abilities.

I have also lied and said that I was not a very good test taker.

I realized this lie and realized that everything I have ever studied is stored somewhere… I just have to access that information.

Furthermore, I realized that the Lord and Holy Spirit are able to give me all knowledge. Some people believe in a universal intelligence that we all share. I also believe in many concepts of t his idea.

So upon taking these tests today I did my best to not say “I don’t know” but to just ponder the questions for a while and see what happened.

The first test I took was on a subject mater that I literally have never studied. It was a web page that had a test on it that people can take to become “experts” about the sight. Well, I missed one question scoring a 96! Not bad.

I took about 6 more tests today and really worked on believing that I knew the answers.  I cannot say 100% that this caused me to score better, although I did score well on almost all of the tests.  I can say that I now have much more confidence when it comes to test taking. 

That in itself is a start to better testing abilities.

So my goal is to never say “I don’t know” or to assume that I don’t know, but just to know that God can give me the answer, and that I know the answer if I’ve studied; therefore, I always know the answer in one form or another, I just have to access it in some way.

So, I do know.

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