can you stop the judgment?


I just finished writing the previous post and I had an epiphany in my closing sentence. God gives life to us and to all events that we sense. Either he makes the event happen directly, or his children, nature, earth, whatever causes the event. Most events that happen around us are so beautiful and lovely that we don’t recognize them any more. They are common place.

The events we do recognize are the ones we judge as Bad, Negative, Ugly, etc.

So if God creates beauty and life I think that judging things negatively actually creates death and sorrow and destruction. I can’t fully explain this feeling I have right now but I can give a few thoughts and examples.

Judgments and stress cause ulcers. Ulcers lead to destruction or death of cells in your body.

Negative judgments lead to hate, envy, spite, torment, depression, sorrow, fear and many other undesirable emotions.

For example If I judge someone in a negative way I might start to hate them or fear they will hurt me. If I judge someone as having more than I have or more than they deserve I might envy them.

If I judge myself as being lacking in any field it could lead to depression etc.

So I now truly believe that judging almost anything is a destructive pattern that harms us and leads to our death, physically and also spiritually.

Can judging something as good be harmful as well? I say yes. For instance. Money is good, when I have money im “happy.” I can go have fun and buy what I want when I have money. These judgments are positive toward money, but they are false and not true. Money is just money. It is not good or bad. It is paper printed with green ink. It does not comfort you when sad. It does not love you, and snuggle with it all you want but it will never call and say “I miss you.”

You will, however, seek it with such desire that you will give up family, friends, and your very life (not physically speaking but living your life speaking) just to get a little more of it.

I believe that there are many if not all positive judgments that can be destructive. Wars have been fought on what people thought was a “positive judgment.”

I believe it is a good idea to recognize all the time that i judge and decide if that judgement is really needed and helpful. Perhaps judging most events does nothing to me but make me want more or less of that event, and longing for more or less leaves you feeling lacking. God is not a god of lack, but of plenty.

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