can you find your life purpose?

Finally, your purpose in life

I was reading today and really enjoyed this though.

The author was talking about how many people come to him concerned in life about what there life purpose is. They loose sleep and stress over the idea of a life purpose. He tells them that……

Your life purpose is exactly what you are doing right now at this moment. If you are reading this blog then your life purpose is to read the blog. If you are thinking about or desiring or wanting to do something else then you are not focused on your purpose, and you are not truly happy and aware.

The idea is not that you read blogs the rest of your life. The idea is that what ever you are doing in life at this moment, that is your purpose. Now your purpose may change every 10 minutes but it is still your purpose.

One of my mentors, Virgle Slintz, would say that people are not ballanced in their mind and that they go to work and are thinking all day that they should spend more time with their family. So they go home to the family feeling guilty. When they get home they are thinking that they really should be at work and that they are not getting anything accomplished.

They are always focused on what they are not doing instead of focused on what they are doing. They are focused on the past or future instead of the now. Their life purpose when they are at work is to be with there family and there life purpose when they are with their family is to be at work, or at least that is what they think it should be.

The truth is when you are at work your life purpose is to be at work and do a good job at your job. So, I went to work today with this additutde. After all I must be there, so for today for 8 hours my purpose was to simply work for “the man.”

My day was much more enjoyable. Nothing really changed, as far as the work that I do, but what changed was that for 8 hours I was fulfilling my life purpose.

As I write this my life purpose is to write something that teaches me for my learning and also something that others can read if they desire to hear my thoughts and my learning.

So from now on I will be my life purpose always by understanding that what I am doing right now is the most important thing right now, and thus this is my purpose.

After all I could die before I get to what I think I should or should not be doing so I better make this the most important thing in the moment, aware and alive.

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