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One Person

One Person Can Change The World


I got this great email from a friend of mine named Andrew, I just had to put it in here.


A thought for the day…

While we were deep in the process, September 26 was the the 25th anniversaryof Lt. Col. Stanislav Petrov’s heroic decision to disobey standing Soviet military orders, and to refuse to launch a nuclear counterstrike against the United States in response to a radar warning that several missiles were approaching Soviet territory over the poles.

In doing so, he prevented the massive exchange of ICBMs that would certainly have followed, had he given the order to launch on warning. The radar warning was a false alarm, of course, and as his reward for saving the world from a nuclear holocaust, Petrov was transferred to other duties 🙂

Still, I find the example comforting. And inspiring.

Even at its worst, a world of darkness can be stopped in its tracks by a few individual acts of light.

And we all have that light within us.

Love you all – Andrew

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