I love attracting money, and it just happened!

attraction continues

I recently had an insurance claim on 2 roofs that had damage to them. The insurance checks covered the repair but just barely covered it. The repair costs were right about $13,000.  I subcontracted most of the work out myself to save money.  Due to my deductible and depreciation on the roofs $13,000 is all that the insurance company gave me, however it was enough to pay for the repairs.  I have been focusing my law of attraction on checks coming in the mail.

My insurance co called me this morning. She said that they had made a mistake and that she had to appoligize.  She continued to say that she hated to call me and give me this information because she does not like it when the insurance company makes mistakes.  She then said that they had sent me $10,000 to little and that she was sending me a check for $10,000. Wow, fight that one in court cause I got the evidence, L.O.A works!  When would an insurance company call, a few weeks after paying a clame and give you more money.  When would thy make a mistake that was about 50% below what it should be.  How would I have ever known if they did not say something.

I had my repairs paid for, I thought that I had broken eaven, but the truth is, the LOA worked its magic.

I vow to continue to use the LOA in my life for growth and the development of the world.

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