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"Our original state is Joy" Wayne Dyer

So I’m a little tired now and prob wont go into great detail on this one, but you can study it more if you want and learn some great things.

Corinthians chapter 8 has some amazing things in it.

1st is “Charity Edifieth” Edify means to improve spiritually or morally by instruction or example.

So Charity instructs you. That is quite interesting. Ponder on how a virtue such as charity can “instruct” you. What do other virtues teach, and does having and feeling the virtue teach similar to a college professor. How does this learning come about?

Now the real meat of the chapter…

talking about idol worship and eating the meat worshiped to idols. Christ explains that there is no such thing as idols so it does not hurt to eat meat worshiped to idols because in all reality its just meat. However he also basically says..

If you are weak conscience or if you believe in idols then eating the meat actually does defile you. In other words, if you believe in something false and act upon this thing, even though the thing does not exist at all you are defiled.

Again I am not going into great detail on what this means right now, other than there are some deep meanings there.

He even continues on to explain that if you do something that is not wrong, but weak people are around you and view what you do, your actions may cause them to think what you are doing is wrong, and they may be defiled by there beliefs on what you are doing. He further says that you should not do things that would make others be defiled due to their beliefs.

I also have many toughs on this. (one example, a girl in a bikini can make a man become defiled by his thoughts)

So, don’t believe in sin and in evil and dont see sin or evil. Then it can have no hold on you, for all that you can see is good. This could be the summary of what I am not currently explaining the math to reach the summary.

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