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the happy ballance

We have all heard of how important it is to have balance in your life. Balance between family, God, Friends, Work and fun. However many times we dont think about being balanced in ourselves.

After going to the Hoffman Institute this is something that I think about more. They teach that there are several areas that balance is needed. These areas are Spiritual, Body, intellectually, Emotional, and Inner Child.

I have been thinking about the Inner Child recently. This is the fun and just pointless excitement that you create in your life. It is non Goal related. Its “playing in the sand box” or dancing to no music.

I do a good job of creating “play” time and I always believed that this was balance. I recently learned that “play time” is not always being balanced.

You see I was not playing for stress relief, or playing to enjoy, or playing to laugh etc. I was playing to numb.

A great example of this is mindless watching of television. I would believe that I was feeding my inner child, or balancing life by taking a break from work to watch T.V. The truth is when I walk away from the TV I am no more balanced than before. All I have done is numb the 4 quadrants of my self. I have numbed myself spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, and physically and my inner child. Nothing is really fulfilled by watching T.V.

TV is just one example of this activity. The point is there is no creativity, no spontaneity, no really release and enjoyment. Just mind numbing time passing blank staring at a box on the wall.

I think of the days when I would just blast the stereo in the house and just live with the music rocking all the walls. That feeling of freedom and carefree-ness is what is really feeding your inner child.

We all must balance all aspects of our life to feel truly happy and also to work as an inner team ballanced and growing.

If your inner child does not get the same nourishment that your intellect gets from work then you will not really ever be fulfilled.

When’s the last time you really fed your inner child? How long since you had a pep rally for your need for fun.

or did you just take a shot of TV and a snort of internet browsing along with an injection of a cross word puzzle.

The point is fun activities in life are needed. Dont substitute fun for numb. They are not the same. True fun will leave you better than it found you. Laugh till your side hurts and you will be relieved and back in balance again. It just works.

From now on I will look for fun opportunities to balance my life by regularly having real true and meaningful fun time with myself.

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