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the show of life

More and more I am realizing that life is so similar to a movie.

If I imagine myself at the movies watching a show I would not get upset or stressed or uncomfortable when negitive things happen in the movie. I would not get uncomfortable because these things are not real. They are a movie. I can get up and walk out of the movie any time I please.

I also know that in 2 hours the entire thing will be over nothing I saw really deeply affects me.

I am really starting to understand how this is just like life. We are living in a movie. we are so connected with this movie that we put more “stock” in it then we should. We call this movie “real life.”

so basically we can judge everything that happens to us, or we can just observe everything that happens without judgment but just with the knowledge that we are watching a movie.

So when someone cuts you off, or you have a hard time at work, or you have to talk to a non English speaking customer service agent, or unforeseen circumstances pop up we have 2 choices.

Choice A) My life sucks, look what happened to me. I am so pissed/stressed/upset. I can feel the knots in my belly. I need to call and vent about this to someone…. etc.

Choice B) That was in interesting movie.

Not that I would use those exact words in describing events that take place but the point is that its “just life.” Its just an event. If it rains it has nothing to do with you, its just clouds with too much moisture leaking down on the earth.

I guess I can sometimes take life too seriously and think that the things that are happening deserve a reaction from me. In actuality reaction to negative probably creates more negative, but just noticing and releasing the feeling is very liberating and makes life much happier.

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