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blessings vs troubles

My life has been so blessed. I can see thousands of things that I have been blessed for.

this makes me wonder why, at times, it is so much easier to see the negative troubles. Also its not just seeing the negative, but its “feeling” the negative. When I should be happier, when 85% of life is going just amazing. Why do I feel like im only 15% happy and 85% unhappy.

this does not happen all the time but it does happen. Tonight I have been feeling betrayed and somewhat lost and just unhappy, annoyed, vindictive, and empty, yet at the same time an outsider looking at my life would say “wow he has it together.” When I look at my own life I know this is the case.

There are definitely areas to improve in, but all in all things are headed full tilt in the right direction.

So anyway this is something that I dont have an answer for as of right now. Its unusual for me not to have an answer, especially when I blog, but I guess in this state its how I feel.

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