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Monday, October 08, 2007

want to know why God gives us troubles?
Category: Religion and Philosophy

Oct 9th, 2007 article that I found inspiring: “In order to attain the destiny God has promised us, we must know how to experience a difficult period — and then get up and “shake it off” — so we can finish our journey! The ability to finish is produced by endurance, not emotion. To endure is to bear trials with fortitude, and persevere — and to persevere, you have to have a thick skin and a tender heart. The world’s “systems” will put up barricades to block your progress, and keep you in the position they want you to be in. These systems are held in place by mindsets — also called strongholds — that try to keep you down and oppressed. To over-come any barricade or stronghold you must replace its influence over your life — you must “shake it off,” and embrace God’s system of doing things! When you are governed by God’s system, you live by what His Word says. And His Word says that that all things are possible for those who believe (Matthew 19:26)…that endurance and patience “perfect” us for our promises (James 1:3-4)…and that, with His help, you are more than a conqueror (Romans 8:37)! So recognize any barricade to attaining the promise of God in your life as a “stronghold” or “mindset”– and embrace God’s Word, to “shake it off!”

Friday, September 28, 2007

The true secret to changing other people.
Category: Life

Would you like to know the true secret to changing other people? Want to know how to make people who you want them to be?

I will talk about that, but first I want to share a thought with you. Im reading a book, (not a very good one either) “simple abundance” but the book produced a thought.

How often do we want to change someone or something. How often do we want to change the world? How often do we look at someone and judge them and say “they do it wrong, or they could do better, or the are bad because…”

Everyone is doing the best they can do with what they have. If they knew how to do better, if they had the motivation to do better, if the had the social support to do better then they would do better.

Im not making excuses for other people to live a bad life, Im simply stating a way to look at the way others lives are and not judge them. If you really believe they are doing the best they can then you are not interested in judging their negitive bad actions and habits.

So the quote from the book is “This is like shouting at a child that he is only three years old.” No matter how much you tell the child, no matter how loud you yell the child will still be three and the child will still do 3 year old things including wetting the bed and spilling his food, or yelling in public. The child is doing the best that he can with what he currently has available.

How often do you, and I let our desire to “change the 3 year old” start controling our lives. How often do we get streesed or frustrated due to the way other people are living their lives.

So the next time someone NEEDS CHANGE just walk up to them and say “You are only three years old.” They may not change the way you want, but if you yell their faults at them all youll get is a sore voice, at least you will get a smile out of this, and perhaps you will even realized that attempting to change other people is like telling an apple tree to start producing water mellons. The tree wont do it and you will get an ulcer trying.

So my true secret to changing people is not that the people need change, but that our view of the peole needs to change. We are the ones that need to quit judging. Just because they dont look 3 does not mean they are not three inside.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Don’t you get the big picture of the war?
Current mood: tired
Category: News and Politics

Can anyone really understand all that is going on in this war?

I defiantly don’t claim some all knowing power that explains the war and all of its agendas and Goals. From the beginning of this war there has been much debate over why we are there. For oil, for weapons, cause Bush hates the middle east, or whatever the reasons. I have my own beliefs on why we are there and why we are not there.

However, this I just must say, whatever the reason we are over there. Americans are selfish!

Here is why. I hear gripes about the war for a few reasons. 1st is the money we are spending. Another is the men/women who are injured and killed. I hear people complain about how the war is affecting their lives, how its hurting them, how they are embarrassed of our country because of the war. Shame on you you selfish American.

I mean 1st, other than money, the war does not directly affect the majority of the people in this country. All other issues are mostly not felt by all. There is a loss of life, and this is very sad, and this is felt strongly by the families and friends involved, but again, the majority return home safe, and the majority dont deal with the loss.

So it really all comes down to money. Here is my question to you. We are the richest country in the world. We have more blessings, freedoms, luxuries than anyone else. WE HAVE AIRCONDITIONERS IN OUR HOMES. We have take home food, and dish network, and internet, and comfortable cars. We have saftey in our homes and schools (for the most part.) We are safe in our country for the most part. We have ever possible blessing that almost no one else has. And where do we decide we can complain about money?

Would you save a young child for a few bucks? What about a few hundred bucks? If you knew a child that you never met would die without your help and you were the only one around, would you help that child, even if it hurt your pocket book? What about an adult, would you help the adult too?

The people in the middle east not only live in poverty, but oppression, and the grossest crimes a government can impose. Rape, murder, torture and whole families killed for political entertainment. All happening while we spend $8 on a movie.

Im tight with money, I dont like it when the government decides how I spend my hard earned cash, but come on, a few bucks out of my pocket so some kid can grow up in a safe country and get an edjucation? Ill stand up and fight for that. A few bucks out of my pocket so a whole country, millions of people, can enjoy a better quality of life? Ill stand up and fight for that. All I can say is wow, we are so blessed, whom much is given much is required, and every now and again God needs someone to help our neighbors out.

I dont care what the political reasons for the war are, as long as in the end some of our earthly neighbors enjoy a better quality of life.
Enjoy these pictures and tell me how much out of your pocket these kids are worth.

Friday, September 14, 2007

they wood money conspiracy
Current mood: cheerful
Category: Jobs, Work, Careers

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but money is made out of trees, and you can buy trees with money. Course you have to cut down a tree to make the money to buy another tree. Just thought you might want to know my thought of the day and some of the uses/origins of money.

P.S. if you buy the tree with a credit card then you did not have to cut a tree down to buy a tree.

P.P.S. this just proves wrong the saying “it takes money to make money.” It actually takes a tree to make money.

P.P.P.S. while on the topic of “it takes money to make money.” That is a false statement. Anyone can get a job and then “make money” and that did not take any money. According to the smartest man in the world, I.E. myself, the saying should be “it takes money to make money work for you.” But the money that is working for you does not have to be your own money, you can borrow someone elses money, make their money work for you, and then keep a % of their money. Thats what I do as often as possible, of course this brings us to a new thought string.

P.P.P.P.S. if you borrow someone elses money and use it to make money, then why do you need to cut the tree down in the first place, I mean you could have just made money out of money, no tree needed.
The End

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I figured out what you really value!
Category: Romance and Relationships

It’s no secret that we do what we value most. Every day as you go about your life you allot your time according to what you feel is important for the day. 99% of the time this is what you also value. If you did not value it, then you would not put time in it.
Does your heart and your head ever conflict with what you value. In my life I allot much time to things that my heart or spirit finds no value in. My mind or ego or pride or “needs” find value in it, but my core being finds it worthless.

This either means that I’m trying to live someone else’s imposed values or it means that I am “addicted” or have habits to values that are not in line with my core beliefs.
If you feel you should be doing more of one thing or less of another than you are trapped by one of the following
a) –> –> –> –> –> –> –> –> –> –>You believe that you are not doing what society, your mother, your friends, or God wants you to do.
b) –> –> –> –> –> –> –> –> –> –>You are habitually or addictively following a value that does not fit with your core or true self.

How many times are we at work and feel that we “should” be doing something else, ie at home with the family. Not living according to your values breeds unhappiness. When I am “shoulding” on myself I am unhappy because I feel that I am not living my life correctly. Work is a value to me, so instead I need understand that my work is valuable and enjoy the value I get out of it. (in this case work is just an example, I enjoy my job 95% of the time. I also value the money my work brings in)

Also, how often do we try to live others values instead of our own? This happens a lot in relationships and causes lots of discontent. We try to live the values of our significant instead of our own values. Our significant tries to impose their values on us instead of allowing us to live our own values.

When something is not important to you and you are forced to participate you do so grudgingly and unhappily and you try to project this unhappiness on the force/person making you perform.

How to Discover Your Core Values Now

So, before we can work on our values we must know what they are. Before we can judge others values according to our own we must know our values. If we know our values and those of the people around us then we will be able to build harmonious relationships based on common values.

For the next week I have created a spread sheet. It is similar to a budget spreadsheet. I input the minuets I spend working, playing, emailing, working out, reading, spiritual growth and other areas. At the end of the week I will see where I spent most of my time. For the most part, time will be associated with highest value. If my personal belief of my highest value is not in line with where I spend the most time then I know that one of the above is going on and I need to adjust my time to fit my values or I need to stop caring what others think or I need to break habits.

I invite any readers to do the same. Calculate your current highest values by tracking where you spend your time and see what you learn about yourself and you’re significant if they chose to participate. If they chose not to participate then they do not value what their values are.

Friday, September 07, 2007

are you ever lonely?
Category: Romance and Relationships

While reading a book by the amazing Dr. John F. Demartini (who I had the pleasure to meet once) I found this great thought/explanation on loneliness.

Here goes, tell me what you think!
“Have you ever been physically close to someone, even in bed, and felt a huge distance between you? Have you ever been thousands of miles from another person yet felt as if they were right next to you? If so, then you already know that loneliness has little to do with being alone.”

I could completely relate to both extremes of this statement. John goes on to say that lonesomeness is how you perceive yourself in relation to your environment and that its a myth that someone else’es presence can “complete” you.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

beer and lug nuts
Category: Religion and Philosophy

Ok, so the title did not have anything to do with the blog, but I just wanted to get you to open this. He he he.

If your reading this then it worked.

For the past 3.5 years or so there has been a person named Pete aka (Glenard Bently) who has constantly gone out of his way to try and offend me, get me in trouble, and just be a jerk.

So I have always felt that I have done well in forgiving him and looking past him making up lies to try and get me put in jail etc.

Pete has done all of this because he does not like my profession, my religion, my age, and my amazing good looks.

Many times have I decided in my head that I forgive Pete of all that he has done to me and I do my best to try and not hold a grudge against him.

So the other day I heard something from somewhere that I dont remember. The quote was that we should pray to God and ask him to forgive those who have wronged us. I thought this was a wonderful idea because it is exactly what Christ did when he was on the cross. Christ asked God to forgive the people that were killing him.

I felt as if I had forgiven Pete but decided I should pray and ask God to forgive him. I said a prayer, during which peace filled my body and I felt love and understanding from God. It was an amazing feeling and experience. To me it was as if I was telling God not to judge Pete for all of his infractions but to forgive him. How beautiful is that?

Anyway 1st thought is that if there is someone that has wronged you, even if you have forgiven them, ask God to do the same and notice the amazing shift in your feelings.

2nd thought…. if we truly love everyone, and understand that everyone “sinns against others” then we know that there is no need for us to forgive others because if we need to forgive then it implyes that we were judging them in the first place.
True love will remove all negitive judgments and therefore remove the need to forgive those. As I learn to love everyone I will not be offended by them, I will just understand where they are coming from and understand that they are doing the best they can do with what they have. There will be no animocity because there is no infraction.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

passing judgement
Category: Religion and Philosophy

In my work I judge people regularly. I am constantly trying to see them in their situation and not look down on them, but just take them as an equil. It is not something that is easy to do.

Anyway reading “the eye of the I” by Dr David R. Hawkins. I enjoyed this quote – “If we avoid the hypothetical positionality that people ‘could’ be different than they are, we see that, in actuality, people can’t really help being other than they are. If they could be different, they would be.” “Seek to understand rather than to condemn.”

I feel that judgement is a lack of humility and a lack of love for others. If we truly loved everyone then we would know that they are just like us, walking on the path of life and learning as they go. We may be in different places on this path, but we are all on the path and therefor no better/worse than the people that pass us or that we pass on the trail. Just moving at different speeds. If we truly love and are humble I think we will come to a place where judgement is not in our vocabulary.

Friday, August 31, 2007
on gratitude

Category: Religion and Philosophy

Im busy, like everyone. I make time for what I want to make time for, and if I dont make time for it my excuse is “im busy.”

Anyway, when I get sweped into the river of life I forget to notice the beautiful world around us. I believe gratitute is my key to slowing down and climbing out of the river sweaping me down stream.

If I take a moment to notice the sky above, and how beautiful it is, and let the Lord know im grateful for it the day just brings peace. This is true with all of my many blessings.

Today im greatful for friends and beauty

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

what matters

how often do we live in the “where we should be in life” dream instead of enjoying where we are now? If we dont enjoy now then we dont enjoy life.

“Where you are right now is all that really matters..

Move forward in this incarnation with the wisdom of functioning from the now; it’s all you need to do. Be present with yourself at all times and the future will take care of itself. As you move forward, you are actually clearing a path for yourself.

Allow yourself the freedom to create from the now..”

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