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is there evil?

So I just had this thought.

Again, I cant say im 100% on the topic, especially since there are so many references to evil and satin. However look at it this way for a moment.

God is: alpha and omega, beginning and end, the great I Am. God is in all. All was created by him. God’s presence is felt in and by all. God is everywhere always. In other words, God is everything, or as close to being everything as you can be. And if God created everything, then a portion of him is in everything.

So, God is also perfect,has no evil. If God is everything, and created everything and if God can not have or be evil then there is no such thing as evil. Instead there is just the false belief of evil and this belief keeps us from following the laws of God.

A few quotes from the book. “Let us learn to see as God must, with perfect vision. Let us seek the good and true and believe in them with our whole heart….. We can not afford to believe in imperfection for a single second, to do so is to doubt God; it is to believe in a Power apart from God, to believe in another creator.”

This has many interesting thoughts. Believing in anything other than God is a lack of faith, and is a Doubting of God. If all power in the universe is created by the adherence to divine laws (something I kind of think sounds true) and if God’s power is derived from the same laws. Than anything that does not follow these laws would be powerless.

I believe Everything is controlled by a Law. It just has to be. In order to have any power that power must be obtained by adherence or obedience to the law. Law’s are divine and righteous principals. For satin to have power he must adhere to these laws. If satin adherer’s to these laws then he is not evil but he is good. This contradicts Satin’s nature so he could not adhere to these laws. If he does not adhere to the laws then he does not have power. Satin without power is nothing but a thought. He can not do anything except exist in your thoughts. If he only exists in your thoughts he is not real and to think of him is to not think of God. To not think of God is to deny God. To think of satin is to put thought into him and is the beginning of worshiping him.

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